Indian Woman aged 21 Murdered after Marrying ‘UK‘ Man over 50

Gurpreet Kaur, aged 21, from Punjab in India, is said to have been murdered by a man aged over 50, who she married on the pretext to go to the UK.

“We don’t know when he left during the night.”

A disturbing story of love, marriage and murder has emerged from Punjab in India, where a woman aged 21 has been killed after she married a man over 50 years of age.

The incident took place on the night of April 23, 2019, at the woman’s parents home, in the city of Moga.

The woman, Gurpreet Kaur, who lived on Zira Road in Moga, met Om Prakash, on Facebook.

He told her he was a Non-Resident Indian and was a UK citizen and also resided Amritsar.

Om Prakash said he wanted to marry her and that he would take her to the UK with him, to settle there as a married couple.

Their relationship on Facebook flourished and over a span of three years, Gurpreet fell in love with him and was willing to do what he wanted.

However, Gurpreet was already married but Om Prakash still pursued her and wanted her to divorce the man she was married to.

Punjab Woman aged 21 Murdered after Marrying ‘UK‘ Man over 50 - Manpreet Kaur

Gurpreet’s aunt, Manpreet Kaur told a Punjab news channel, how Om Prakash forced her to leave her marriage, saying:

“He printed posters and hung them up. He was blackmailing her.

“The girl had got married only for about a month in the village of Jagrawan but he would not let her settle.

“He kept on taking men with him and putting up posters there, saying he was with her and wanted her to leave the marriage and get divorced.

“He said he will take her abroad and wanted her to marry him instead.”

Gurpreet agreed after seeing the lengths Om Prakash had gone to in order to be with her. Especially, on the pretext of going to the UK, she decided to divorce and leave her marriage.

Then, Gurpreet and Om Prakash got together and had a love marriage. The couple began to live together for three months at Gurpreet’s parents home.

After this time, Gurpreet began to get unrestful and kept on pestering Om Prakash about leaving for the UK.

She was not comfortable staying at her parents’ home with Om Prakash and wanted him to fulfil his promise to her.

However, Om Prakash kept on stalling and finding excuses.

Then according to Manpreet Kaur, Om Prakash was not happy with Gurpreet’s constant nagging, saying:

“He got annoyed at her and said I’ll kill you, I’ll do this and that to you.”

“Because you are disrespecting me, by talking like this.

“After saying all this to her, he left and returned back to the house about 10.00 pm.”

Om Prakash had returned to the home that night with juice and ice-cream for Gurpreet to drink and eat.

Gurpreet’s mother, her brother and sister-in-law were all home when he came back.

It was during the night that the family say Gurpreet was murdered by Om Prakash because the family found her dead in the morning and he was nowhere to be seen.

When quizzed, how do they think Gurpreet was murdered by Om Prakash, Manpreet the aunt said:

“Either there was something mixed in the juice or ice-cream that he gave her or he muffled and strangled her.

“We don’t know when he left during the night.”

Punjab Woman aged 21 Murdered after Marrying ‘UK‘ Man over 50 - police

Police arrived at the scene in the morning when the murder was reported.

Deputy Superintendent of Police, Paramjit Singh, said:

“The woman is identified as Gurpreet Kaur, who was killed last night.

“We are taking statements and investigating the matter as required by us.

When asked what could be the reasons behind the murder, DSP Singh said:

“According to the family, a statement by Gagandeep Singh states that the woman was murdered by her husband.

“However, we will be launching a full post-mortem with the body in our possession and a detailed investigation into the incident to conclude what happened.”

Om Prakash is still at large and has not been captured as of yet by the police.

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Images courtesy of Punjabi Kesari

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