Indian Man caught Embezzling from Dubai Petrol Station

An Indian man living in Dubai was caught embezzling more than Dh. 48,000 from the petrol station where he worked as a supervisor.

Indian Man caught Embezzling from Dubai Petrol Station f

"The man would keep the funds and later hand them"

A 34-year-old Indian man was found guilty of embezzling over Dh. 48,000 (£9,700) from a petrol station in Dubai.

He has been sentenced to three months in jail by the Court of First Instance on November 24, 2020.

He must also repay the Dh. 48,825 (£9,933) he stole. After serving his sentence, he will be deported.

The Indian man was accused of embezzling Dh. 48,825 from the petrol station two days after he returned from his leave.

It was revealed that the accused was working as a supervisor at the petrol station when he stole the money.

He took advantage of the fact that he still had his passport and decided to flee the country with the stolen money.

The event took place in August 2020 and the theft was registered at Al Qusais police station.

The court has also found him guilty of money fraud of a public entity.

A manager told the court that the accused had been working at the petrol station for 10 years. He was also promoted to a customer service assistant.

The manager said: “His duties would include being an administrative and technical supervisor.

“He would also collect part of the daily revenues from the petrol station workers and the supermarket staff and those of the internal restaurants.

“The man would keep the funds and later hand them over to the right staff to deposit it at the bank.”

On August 11, the defendant stole an amount of Dh48,825 from his workplace and fled the scene.

When the supervisor for the next shift arrived, he checked and counted the money left in the safe and compared it with the records in the system.

He found that the defendant had stolen the revenues collected during his shift instead of handing them over to a staff member.

The accused was then unreachable as it became known that he later fled the UAE right after embezzling the amount.

It was later known that he had returned from his leave and was trying to leave the country.

Following the verdict, the accused can appeal the court ruling within 15 days.

What is the Court of First Instance?

Court of First Instance is the first degree of litigation in Abu Dhabi.

It has the jurisdiction to hear all civil, commercial, administrative, labour and personal status lawsuits.

Its jurisdiction includes:

  • examining the statement of claims
  • authentication of documents
  • all urgent matters related to disputes among the people
  • safeguarding their rights

It is also in charge of enforcing judicial execution deeds, as well as executions by deputation or reference.

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