Ethnic’s photoshoot at Petrol Station goes Viral

Ethnic, a well-known clothing brand in Pakistan, has attracted attention for its photoshoot at a petrol station.

Ethnic's photoshoot at Petrol Station goes Viral f

"So this is the reason why petrol is so expensive now?"

The distinguished Pakistani clothing brand, Ethnic, recently unveiled a unique photoshoot that took social media by storm.

The spotlight of this unconventional showcase was a model in the brand’s designer attire, complete with a purse.

But it was set against the unexpected backdrop of a petrol station.

The blend of high fashion against the mundane setting sparked attention and reactions within the social media sphere.

This audacious marketing strategy did not go unnoticed, as it ignited a diverse range of responses from the public.

Ethnic's photoshoot at Petrol Station goes Viral

Some individuals took to mocking the juxtaposition of overly sophisticated attire within the industrial setting of a gas station.

On the other hand, a different faction of the audience opted for a more critical stance.

They directed their disapproval towards the overarching concept behind the brand campaign.

They also questioned the relevance and relatability of such an approach in the context of a clothing brand.

People commented that the setting was entirely absurd as the model looked out of place, overdressed and unfitting.

Many of them started leaving hilarious comments in light of the inflated fuel costs in Pakistan.

A user claimed: “Relax guys, she’s trying to tell us how to dress for an expensive place.”

Another joked: “So this is the reason why petrol is so expensive now?”

One comment read: “Will we get discounts on petrol like we do on Ethnic?”

One asked: “Do we get a discount on petrol if we wear this dress?”

Ethnic's photoshoot at Petrol Station goes Viral 2

Mocking Ethnic, one asked: “So do we have to dress like this to fill our cars?”

A comment remarked: “It could’ve been a much better photoshoot… more retro.”

One questioned: “Is this a new trend now?”

A user noted:

“When the Ethnic team can’t find a location, this is what they resort to.”

Some social media users praised the brand for expanding their visions and steering away from the settings.

A user commented: “I think this is a pretty good idea. It is different from what we usually see. Very unique!”

Another individual expressed: “Showcasing art in the most unexpected places. I am impressed.”

A user shared: “I actually like this!”

A comment remarked: “She looks so cool! They’re demonstrating how a normal person would look like in a normal setting.”

Another remarked: “Love this.”

Ayesha is a film and drama student who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible"

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