Drag Queen Sushant Divgikr goes public with Bengali BF

Drag queen Sushant Divgikr has taken to Instagram to publicly unveil their new Bengali boyfriend with a series of pictures.

Drag Queen Sushant Divgikr goes public with Bengali BF f

"Alexa, what do you call JIJU in Bengali?"

Drag queen Sushant Divgikr has gone public with their new relationship, unveiling their Bengali boyfriend.

Although Sushant did not reveal the man’s identity but fuelled marriage rumours by asking:

“Alexa, what do you call JIJU in Bengali?”

While dressed as their drag queen alter ego Rani Ko-HE-Nur, the mystery man’s face was only partially revealed.

The pair were having dinner at Sushant’s house.

The caption read: “Reveal when? Also in Marathi / konkani – we call Jiju – BHAUJI / BHAAIYA!

“What do you call Jiju in YOUR language?”

Sushant’s fans were excited by the announcement, with one commenting:

“Oh my god, the queen has found her king.”

Another said: “Awwww so so so happy for my queen. Lots and lots of love.”

A fan said: “Wait what, is this for real? Manifestation done right.”

One comment read: “Omg!! So happy to see this. God bless you.”

A fan said: “I am so so happy for you! Yay! We saw this coming and it’s finally happening!!!”

In a follow-up post, Sushant Divgikr shared:

“But like I mean !!! She’s been breaking stereotypes, barriers, glass ceilings so why not the internet!???

“Btw some more pics of Jiju and me are on the way. Excited?”

Drag Queen Sushant Divgikr goes public with Bengali BF

Sushant Divgikr previously opened up about the mystery man, saying:

“He works and lives in Australia, but he’s an Indian.

“Wherever I go I catch only Indians, my son-in-law must be an Indian! I want a proper Indian wedding.

“I have known him for a year. Before us, he was with someone else, but he broke up very soon after.”

“Our fondness for each other was always there. But even when you are attracted to someone, you don’t want to spoil someone else’s relationship.

“These are values I hold very close. I would never do that to anybody else, just like I wouldn’t want it to happen to me. We met in LA first, of all the places.”

Sushant Divgikr is an Indian model, actor and drag queen among other things.

In July 2014, they were crowned Mr Gay India.

In 2018, Sushant, as Rani, made history by becoming the first drag queen in India to participate in a singing reality show and win the golden buzzer, making them the first contestant from the LGBTQIA+ community to win a golden buzzer and directly enter the top 15 of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa.

Sushant Divgikr made an appearance in Thank You For Coming, which starred Bhumi Pednekar.

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