Indian Lover killed Girlfriend & Disposed Body with Help

An Indian lover living in Rajasthan murdered his girlfriend. Following the killing, he enlisted some help in order to dispose of the body.

Indian Lover killed Girlfriend & Burned Body with Help f

They used to visit the village regularly

Police have arrested an Indian lover after he killed his girlfriend. Two other men were arrested for helping to get rid of the body.

Officers confirmed that the arrests were made on May 18, 2020.

It was revealed that the victim was in a live-in relationship with the prime accused.

A preliminary investigation showed that there had been a dispute which led to the man killing his girlfriend. He then enlisted help from two of his relatives to dispose of the body.

Additional Police Commissioner Ashok Kumar Gupta said that the men were identified as Rajendra Yadav, Hanuman Yadav and Banshi Yadav.

The victim, Pooja, was originally from Bangladesh. She moved to India in 2016 where she lived in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Pooja first met Rajendra in 2018 and they eventually got into a relationship. They started living together in a rented house in Ajmer.

The murder came to light on May 8 when a woman’s body was found near the Delhi Ajmer Express Highway.

The body was sent to a morgue while officers waited for identification.

An investigation was launched and more than six police teams were formed. Due to lockdown, police questioned more than 500 households by going door-to-door.

Approximately 4,000 mobile numbers were also checked by the cyber cell.

Police began to close in on the suspects when they came across two phone numbers, prompting them to travel to Manoharpura.

After speaking to locals, officers found out that a young woman lived with Rajendra in Jaipur. They used to visit the village regularly but both have not been seen.

Police began tracing Rajendra’s phone which led them to a relative’s house in the village.

Officers tracked down Rajendra and arrested him. During questioning, he said that he had been living with Pooja since 2018.

He had also lived in Mumbai for around eight months.

Rajendra explained that his girlfriend had been giving him money to send to her village.

On May 5, 2020, Pooja had been repeatedly pressuring Rajendra to give her Rs. 50,000 (£540). This angered him and he ended up strangling her to death at 1 am.

The Indian lover returned to his home village of Manoharpura where he told Hanuman and Banshi what he had done.

The trio travelled to Jaipur. On the way, they purchased some petrol.

On the night of May 6, the three men dumped the body near the Delhi Ajmer Express Highway and doused it in petrol. They then set it alight in a bid to prevent the body from being identified.

The three men later fled. Following his confession, Rajendra was remanded in custody while officers arrested his two relatives.

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