Indian Grandson killed Grandfather with help from Mother

A 15-year-old Indian grandson from Ahmedabad murdered his grandfather. The boy was helped by his mother to carry out the killing.

Indian Grandson killed Grandfather with help from Mother f

"an agitated Anjali began verbally abusing them."

An Indian grandson, aged 15, and his mother have been arrested for stabbing a 63-year-old man to death on Friday, September 6, 2019.

The victim was identified as Harikesh Sinh, a resident of Rakhial in Ahmedabad.

It was reported that Mr Sinh had a dispute with his grandson and daughter-in-law which led to the attack. The teenager also injured his uncles, identified as Sharad and Pankaj.

Harikesh lived with two of his sons, his eldest son Sanjay is in prison. Sanjay’s wife Anjali and 15-year-old son also lived there.

A police officer said: “Sharad and Pankaj would eat at the family house and sleep at another house in the same neighbourhood.”

There had been regular arguments in the house involving the Indian grandson and other members of the family.

According to police officers, there had been a huge row between Anjali and the other daughters-in-law which led to Harikesh telling her and her son to move out.

When they packed their things, a dispute broke out over household items.

Police officers explained that Anjali and her son forcefully tried to take the fridge. They continued to drag the fridge outside the house when the argument broke out.

An officer said: “On Friday, Anjali went to the house and said that she was there to take her fridge, which was lying there.

“This led to a quarrel and an agitated Anjali began verbally abusing them.”

The argument became heated when Harikesh slapped Anjali. Upon seeing his mother being hit, her son pulled out a knife and stabbed his grandfather.

When Sharad and Pankaj tried to intervene, they were also stabbed. Anjali then helped her son repeatedly stab Harikesh.

Harikesh died instantly while the two suspects were caught by their relatives.

Officers from Rakhial Police Station were informed about the incident and the mother and son were arrested.

Sharad and Pankaj were taken to hospital for treatment on their injuries.

Rakhial Police Station inspector MP Pathan said: “We have arrested both accused in the matter and further investigation is on.

“Primary investigations have revealed that after the husband went to jail, his wife and son were living with the husband’s family. A petty fight over a fridge led to a 63-year-old man’s murder.”

The teenager was detained under the Juvenile Justice Act while Anjali was booked under the section of murder of the Indian Penal Code.

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