Indian Bride celebrates Marriage by Firing Gun

A video has gone viral on social media, showing an Indian bride celebrating her marriage by firing a gun into the air.

Indian Bride celebrates Marriage by Firing Gun f

she marks her marriage with celebratory gunfire.

An Indian bride has gone viral after she was seen firing a gun into the air as a way of celebrating her marriage.

A video surfaced of a bride in a dark pink lehenga standing outside the wedding venue.

She appears to have just tied the knot.

The Indian bride is also seen holding a pistol.

The woman then cocks the weapon and fires it three times into the air, prompting screams from some of the guests.

She smiles as she marks her marriage with celebratory gunfire.

The video ends with the newly-married woman handing the gun to someone off-camera.

The video went viral and it has garnered more than 67,000 likes.

There were mixed responses from social media users.

One person called the Indian bride a “lioness” for firing the gun.

Others posted heart and fire emojis.

Another said: “Revolver Rani.”

However, not everyone was a fan of the celebratory gunfire.

Condemning the act, one person said: “Not appreciated.”

Another person found the act “daring”.


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The bride firing the gun is another take on the custom. In some rural Indian weddings, celebratory gunfire traditionally welcomes newlyweds into married life and is usually carried out by male guests and members of the bride or groom’s family.

But Indian authorities have been keen to crack down on the custom due to the dangers associated with it.

Celebratory gunfire at weddings has led to several injuries and deaths.

In one incident, a groom was seriously injured after being shot in the head at his own wedding.

The guests arrived at the wedding venue, singing and dancing in celebratory spirit when one of them fired a shot at the groom by accident.

Smoke began to emerge upon discharge and some of the guests were heard screaming in shock.

The groom fell to the ground instantly as the bullet struck his head. He survived but was allegedly seriously injured.

Another incident saw a groom’s father shot by a guest.

The incident occurred in the Indian village of Jandla where father Mansoor Patel was celebrating the marriage of his son Shekha.

One of the eight riflemen guests lost control of his gun and shot a bullet into the head of the groom’s father.

Patel was killed instantly by the point-blank range of the gunshot.

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