Husband hacked off Pregnant Wife’s Hair & stabbed Her

A husband hacked off his pregnant wife’s hair before stabbing her in the neck with a kitchen knife in front of her one-year-old baby.

Husband hacked off Pregnant Wife's Hair & stabbed Her f

"A bloodied knife was seen in the living room"

Raja Daud Ur Rehman, aged 34, of Middlesbrough, was jailed for 23 months after he hacked off the hair of his pregnant wife before stabbing her in the neck with a kitchen knife in front of her one-year-old baby.

The incident happened on September 17, 2021, at their home.

Teesside Crown Court heard that Rehman waited for his wife to return home before carrying out the unprovoked assault.

Richard Bennett, prosecuting, said: “Police were called by two neighbours who reported an ongoing assault at the defendant’s address Pottery Mews.

“The caller reported that a male inside the address was assaulting a female and the female could be heard screaming.

“They had seen a female shout ‘help’ through a window before being dragged back from the window by the defendant.

“A baby could also be heard crying.”

Police heard shouting and banging coming from the house. Officers tried to enter but the door was locked.

Mr Bennett continued: “Repeated banging on the door by police brought the sounds of disturbance to a halt and approximately 20 seconds later the defendants presented himself at the door with blood dripping from his hands.”

The victim was seen by officers standing on the stairs just behind Rehman holding a one-year-old child.

He said: “(His wife) had blood across her face and her clothing. The child also had blood on his clothing.”

Rehman was handcuffed and kept outside the property while officers conducted inquiries inside.

Mr Bennett said: “A bloodied knife was seen in the living room with strands of hair attached to it.

“Blood splatters were found throughout the address, consistent with a moving assault and a substantial amount of hair was located on the floor in the living room.”

Rehman’s wife told officers that her husband used a kitchen knife on her during the attack.

Mr Bennett said: “Using that knife, he had cut off a number of chunks of hair from her head.

“She explained that she had returned home to find the defendant waiting for her, although he had initially hidden himself.

“He then attacked her in the kitchen by pushing her to the floor near the fridge.

“He began to kick her in the back and head and when she cried out he threatened to cut her lip and nose.

“He also put a hand on her mouth to stop her screaming.”

During the assault, Rehman pulled a clump of her hair out.

Mr Bennett said: “He threatened to kill her and stab her in the neck before he did so.

“She told him she was pregnant but this appeared to make little difference to his behaviour.”

“She picked up the baby who became distressed and (his wife) described how the defendant had punched her to the face, which caused significant pain to her jaw and swelling.

“He also headbutted her in the face. He continued to assault her as she held her child.”

The woman feared Rehman would attack the child if he was to be left unattended.

When the police were mentioned by his wife, Rehman again threatened to kill her.

When police arrived at the scene, Rehman tried to persuade the victim to pick up the knife and told her to tell police that he was in Pakistan, which she refused.

Mr Bennett said: “When police knocked on the door he raced down the stairs to pretend he was the victim.”

On the injuries, Mr Bennett explained:

“In addition to various areas of missing hair, they noted developing bruising to her face, knees and ankle. There was bruising to her shoulder.

“They recorded knife wounds to her hands caused when she had attempted to protect herself from the defendant striking out at her with the knife.

“The little finger on her left hand had a significant wound and appeared to be hanging off.”

The woman suffered a stab wound to the neck which penetrated the spine near her hairline and caused heavy bleeding.

Stitches were required for her neck and finger wounds.

Rehman was arrested and police found him in possession of his wife’s phone.

Mr Bennett said: “In an interview, the defendant claimed that his wife had caused the injuries to herself.”

Rehman pleaded guilty to section 20 wounding.

There was no victim personal statement as the victim returned to Pakistan due to her mother being unwell.

Jonathan Walker, defending, said: “The pre-sentence report does have some positive aspects to it.

“It’s clear that the defendant has fully admitted his actions in this cowardly and shameful act and that is before evidence in two forms – his guilty plea and the invitation he made for me to apologise to his now former partner.”

Mr Walker said that it was an “uncharacteristic burst of aggression” for which he was “ashamed”.

Recorder Alex Menary told Rehman that he accepted that it was out of character.

Recorder Menary said: “Of course, you are 34 years old and you’ve never been in trouble with the police before.

“But it seems in a jealous rage you, as I have said, subjected her to an unprovoked attack.

“You threatened to kill her and threatened to stab her in the neck and then you did so.

“She told you she was pregnant to no effect.

“You were arrested and when you went to the police station you blamed her for causing the injuries to herself.”

Rehman was jailed for 23 months.

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