Amina Khan ‘doesn’t need’ Lord Sugar’s Money after Firing

Amina Khan became the latest casualty on BBC’s ‘The Apprentice’ but said she “doesn’t need” Lord Sugar’s money.

Amina Khan 'doesn't need' Lord Sugar's Money after Firing f

"It wasn't for Lord Sugar's investment, I didn't really need that."

Following her firing from BBC’s The Apprentice, Amina Khan has said she “doesn’t need” Lord Sugar’s money.

In the first episode of the series, Lord Sugar wondered why Amina wanted to be in the show when she has a successful business that has achieved profits of £1.7 million in three years.

But during week four, a surprise double firing saw Amina exit along with project manager Jack Davies.

Amina was on the losing team in the ever-popular scavenger hunt task, which saw the teams buy a list of nine items for as little as possible in Jersey.

Although she was disappointed to leave the show, Amina said she does not need Lord Sugar’s £250,000 investment.

Amina, who owns her own supplement business The Pharmacist Beauty, said:

“I have the most successful business out of all of the candidates on the show this year.

“It wasn’t for Lord Sugar’s investment, I didn’t really need that.

“It was his mentorship, to scale and grow my business.

“Who better than Lord Sugar for his mentorship to scale my business up?

“Since I’ve left the show I’ve doubled my business so I didn’t need his money.”

Amina Khan criticised Lord Sugar’s decision to fire her and admitted she wished she had the chance to showcase her skills during The Apprentice.

She told The Mirror: “I don’t think I should have gone.

“I think Lord Sugar didn’t give me a chance to showcase my business acumen.”

“I have the most profitable business in the show and even amongst all the winners [of The Apprentice] I have the most successful business and Lord Sugar didn’t give me a chance to showcase my skills.

“Anyone could have been fired and I don’t think it should have been me – it was unfair.”

In the boardroom, Amina and Jack’s team members were blaming them for the failure of the task.

While she was determined to go down with a fight, Amina revealed she had “no idea” there would be a double firing.

“If I was going down, I was taking Jack with me, I wasn’t going to go on my own.”

Since filming the series, Amina has remained in touch with her fellow candidates.

She added: “We’re all very good friends.

“These women on the show are all business-minded women and where I come from, with my background we don’t have women that are so career-orientated and I absolutely love them all.”

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