Indian Artists using GIFs to create Modern Art

Indian artists are creating a new wave of digital art, by using popular GIFs to produce fascinating art.

Indian GIF Art

This creative art-form perfectly showcases the effect of 21st media on modern Indian art.

A new wave of art is taking place. With technological advances and the up-rise of memes and GIFs, artists have new ways of creating fascinating modern pieces for their audience.

GIF – which stands for graphics interchange format – has been around for a while. There are graphic images on a web-page that move, usually in a constant repetitive loop.

Currently in India, there is a new art trend allowing digital artists to combine still illustration with looped animation.

This creative art-form perfectly showcases the effect of 21st media on modern Indian art.

Adrita Das, from Pune, India, is a visual artist whose work is arguably genius.

She is known to create “illustration and visuals laced with dark humour intended mostly to make people feel better about their lives.

Also known as Das Naiz, the 24-year-old has created a project called Selfie Gods, merging traditional medieval paintings with current modern lifestyle.

Das claims technology to be the light of her life,  which has sent her through good days and bad. She said: “Some days I wake up in the morning, see a funny GIF and think to myself: What a time to be alive.”

Her art is unbelievably captivating as it captures the past and present so well.

Another artist known for their GIF power, is Illustrator and storyteller Shruti Sharma.

Also known as Shroodle, Sharma takes a different style with her GIF art. Her aim is to create short stories using animation, to create a more permanent effect on her audience.

Opposite to the humorous effect of Das’ work, Sharma’s art can sometimes mimic the softness and innocence of children’s book illustrations.

In her interview with Rohini Kejriwal for Scroll.In, Sharma believes GIFs to be a symbol of our generation that “holds our attention for the perfect time.”

Shroodle wanted to test her artistic abilities: “I was fascinated by moving illustrations. I wanted to see if I had the ability to create them.”

Jaya is an English graduate who is fascinated with human psychology and the mind. She enjoys reading, sketching, YouTubing cute animal videos and visiting the theatre. Her motto: "If a bird poops on you, don’t be sad; be glad cows can’t fly."

GIFs courtesy of Shroodle Facebook page, Das Naiz Behance Page

Original article by Rohini Kejriwal for Scroll.In

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