Imran Khan’s ex-Advisor suffers Acid Attack at UK Home

Imran Khan’s former advisor Mirza Shahzad Akbar said he was the victim of an acid attack outside his home in the United Kingdom.

Imran Khan's ex-Advisor suffers Acid Attack at UK Home f

"they cannot be allowed to attack British residents on British soil."

A former advisor to Imran Khan has said he was the victim of an acid attack outside his home in the United Kingdom, where he resides in exile with his family.

Mirza Shahzad Akbar said the substance used in the attack missed his eyes but caused injuries to his arms and the top of his head.

Police have said they are investigating, however, no one has been arrested.

Conservative MP David Davis said Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron should summon Pakistan’s High Commissioner over the incident.

He said: “The circumstantial evidence that this attack was conducted at the behest of the ISI is persuasive.

“The Pakistanis have to understand that whatever the standards of law at home, they cannot be allowed to attack British residents on British soil.

“The foreign secretary should summon the high commissioner and demand an explanation.”

Likening the incident to the 2018 Salisbury poisonings of Yulia and Sergei Skripal, Mr Davis said such behaviour would be “no more acceptable from the Pakistanis than from the Russians”.

Describing the alleged attack in detail, Mr Akbar said he was with his daughter when someone knocked at the door.

He told The Independent: “I saw a thin person, around 5ft 6ins, wearing a red padded jacket like a delivery person.

“He had a motorbike helmet with the glass drawn down. I think he had gloves.

“In his right hand, he had a plastic bottle. He squeezed and aimed for my face. It happened in a split second, and I slammed the door.

“Acid came on my face and clothes but the door got most of it. I shouted to my wife to call 999.”

His wife asked: “Have you been shot?”

Mr Akbar replied: “Not yet.”

He rushed to his downstairs washroom and doused his face in water for several minutes but admitted “the top of my head and an ear started burning”.

He also tweeted about the alleged incident.

Since fleeing Pakistan with his family, Mr Akbar has received numerous threats.

He revealed his brother disappeared in Pakistan before re-emerging months later.

Mr Akbar claimed the acid attack was part of these threats.

Hertfordshire police said officers had been called to reports of an assault on Sunday afternoon where “it was believed an acidic solution was used”.

The force said a man received hospital treatment and has now been discharged.

Enquiries are continuing and anyone with information is urged to contact the police.

Mr Akbar was a cabinet minister when Imran Khan was Prime Minister.

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