Humaima Malick says She was made for ‘Jindo’

Humaima Malick made her television comeback in ‘Jindo’ and she said she was made for the role of the titular character.

Humaima Malick says She was made for 'Jindo' f

“I think I was a very suitable choice for Jindo"

Humaima Malick made her television comeback in Jindo and said she accepted the role because of the director Anjum Shahzad.

Humaima said: “I was approached at the last minute by Anjum Shahzad.

“Before me, the role was offered to Aamina Sheikh who had to decline due to some personal commitments.

“I think she had just had a baby, and honestly, it is a matter of fate.

“I think I was a very suitable choice for Jindo, for a role that embarks on so many journeys, faces so many struggles in not just one relationship, but simultaneously as a sister, a mother, a wife, an independent girl, a woman who stands for everyone.

“It’s very rare that such a role can be undertaken by someone who has never met such challenges off-screen.”

Humaima revealed that whilst she was filming Jindo, she had been offered another serial at the same time, which focused on a battle between a mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law.

She was told not to accept Jindo and that audiences would not enjoy such content but Humaima refused to listen to what was being said and pursued the script.

The actress continued: “All our dedication and effort gave this project its distinct flavour and people can see that.

“This is why the reception has been incredible.

“We all had to live in the desert.

“The production started in winter and wrapped up in the summer heat. It was shot entirely in one spell and Anjum Bhai would not even allow me to go home.

“While I was filming my father had a paralysis attack but I was not told for two days.”

Jindo is based on a true story and stars Gohar Rasheed, Hajra Yamin, Saleem Mairaj, Mizna Waqas, Saad Farukh and Umraaz Hussain.

It has been written by Qurban Ali Rao.

The show has engaged its viewers with its strong storyline centring on the topic of abuse and patriarchy.

One episode, in particular, was highly appreciated by fans in which Jindo carries her husband’s dead body on her shoulders as she walks through the desert.

Speaking of the particular scene, Humaima admitted:

“It was very emotional for me to see a woman and to see myself in her because I was playing the role of a wife hauling her own husband’s dead body all the way home.

“A husband with whom she never particularly had good memories, but there was still hope. You know, he promises her that one she will be proud of him.

“So to lose him to a painful death was very hard for me. I cried a lot when I watched that episode.”

Humaima Malick revealed that during the scene she had not used a prop to signify her husband and that in fact, she had carried someone who had a small build.

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