Hina says Intimate Scenes with Faisal Rehman are a Challenge

Pakistani star Hina Altaf featured on the talk show, To Be Honest, and shared how she feels uncomfortable while filming intimate scenes with Faisal Rehman.

Hina says Intimate Scenes with Faisal Rehman are Challenging f

“I even scared him once by saying ‘Me Too’."

Pakistani actress Hina Altaf candidly revealed how filming intimate scenes with actor Faisal Rehman is challenging and awkward on the talk show, To Be Honest.

Faisal Rehman is most popularly known as a film actor from the 80s. Faisal, familiar as the dimpled boy, has worked in various films and television dramas like Nahi Abhi Nahi (1980), Aladdin (1982) and many more.

Hina featured on the show’s first episode and surely did not disappoint as she unveiled interesting facts about herself and the industry.

Perhaps her interaction included more honesty than what she bargained for. However, it was a treat for the audiences.

The host, Tabish Hashim asked Hina who her favourite actor was when it came to shooting intimate scenes.

A beaming Hina named actor Emmad Ifrani as her favourite and went on to name Faisal Rehman as her least favourite.

Hina says Intimate Scenes with Faisal Rehman are Challenging - arm

Hina Altaf revealed how Faisal Rehman’s conduct during romantic scenes is unsettling as she had to keep her “guard on”. She said:

“I’ve done a romantic scene with Emmad Irfani and I got carried away. With Faisal Rehman, romantic scenes tend to be challenging.

“In scenes that require just holding fingers, he tends to grab the whole arm. I have to keep my guard on always.

“I even scared him once by saying ‘Me Too’. After this, he keeps his distance.”

There is no doubt Tabish was taken aback by Hina’s revelation. In his true witty style, Tabish highlighted the age difference between Faisal and Hina. He said:

“Faisal Rehman must have romanced my grandmother as well.”

He also stated that Faisal’s behaviour “is not romantic” and could be deemed as “a case of harassment.”

Previously, Hina and Faisal worked together in Gumrah (2017) when a behind the scenes video emerged online of the duo.

In the video, Faisal suddenly tried to remove a microphone from Hina’s clothes. His action startled Hina whose natural instincts was to push Faisal’s hands away.

Even though the video went viral on social media, opinions were divided. Some people believed Hina overreacted, while others condemned Faisal for his inappropriate actions.

Despite this, Hina and Faisal worked together again in the Hum TV drama series Aatish (2018-2019).

According to Behtareen, Faisal expressed how he has become “great friends” with Hina. He said:

“Hina and I have become great friends. We started off badly, as she has a lot of anger.

“But we have been great friends since Gumrah (2017) and we’re still friends and I still want to keep working with her.”

Faisal further added how he wanted to do more scenes with Hina. He said:

“We’ve had a great time together. I would’ve liked to do much more on the screen with her but the role and the storyline did not allow that.”

Hina says Intimate Scenes with Faisal Rehman are Challenging - gumrah

He also mentioned how he is not criticised for playing younger roles onscreen, in comparison to playing “father” roles. This is because he believes he “is a dirty old man” and this shows on his face.

Hina Altaf continued to talk about host Aamir Liaquat and pointed out his habit. She revealed how Aamir Liaquat tends to spit while speaking. Hina said:

“Whenever he talks, spit drips from his mouth. When he talks loudly I feel that the seat will break. Besides that, I like him and respect him.”

Once again, Hina showcased her sheer honesty as she commented on how actor Muneeb Bhatt is somewhat arrogant despite being not very famous.

She also stated how she was not invited to the wedding of Muneeb and Aiman, even though she was friends with the latter.

Hina’s comments on the talk show did not sit well with Aiman and her sister Minal Khan. The pair lashed out at Hina and Tabish for their remarks.

Hina says Intimate Scenes with Faisal Rehman are Challenging - upset

Hina Altaf then went on to discuss the impact of social media. The actress regularly vlogs and explained how her posts get taken out of context. She said:

“People want to criticise everything on social media yet they themselves can’t stop watching.

“A video of me rope skipping in the gym would be uploaded with the caption: ‘Hina Altaf doing obscene acts in the gym.’

“At the same time, such a video would garner more than a million views.”

Everyone is aware of the bizarre messages and emails celebrities receive from numerous fans and Hina Alfat is no different. The actress disclosed what is usually found in her inbox folder. She said:

“Mostly I get marriage proposals. This one time I remember a guy sent a message that read, ‘Hina Altaf you are like chai (tea), ayeee.’”

Hina further discussed how she would allow her children to do what they want. She explained:

“My kids can do whatever they want. However, I do wish them to indulge in as many extracurricular activities as possible. Everyone these days just want their children to study continuously.”

There is no denying Hina Altaf was the perfect guest on, To Be Honest.

Her frank nature and Tabish’s witty fashion unveiled numerous hard-hitting truths, particularly how she does not like intimate scenes with Faisal Rehman.

Watch Hina on To Be Honest here:


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