‘Haye Dil’ Song by Jimmy Khan slammed as Copy

Jimmy Khan’s song ‘Haye Dil’ has come under fire by the Twitterati for copying a Spanish song titled ‘Sofia.’ Let’s find out more.

‘Haye Dil’ Song by Jimmy Khan slammed as Copy f-2

"I just sang the song and had nothing to do with its production."

Jimmy Khan’s ‘Haye Dil’ from the film Parey Hut Love (2019) has been accused of copying a Spanish song by Alvaro Soler, titled ‘Sofia’ (2015).

Parey Hut Love (2019) is a romantic comedy film which had everyone dancing to its tunes at weddings and parties.

However, recently Twitter threads have bought to everyone’s attention that the song ‘Haye Dil’ (2019) may have been copied.

People began questioning the authenticity of ‘Haye Dil’ (2019) after the Twitter user “mhem” shared her disdain regarding the song. She said:

“Haye Dil (2019) by Jimmy Khan is such a catchy song and I was wowed that pakistanis came up with it … Until a friend showed me the Spanish song they copied the tune off of. Great.”

The music for the song was composed by Azaan Sami Khan while the lyrics were penned by Asim Raza.

As of yet, Azaan Sami Khan has not responded to the accusations on Twitter.

According to The Express Tribune, the film’s producer Sheheryar Munawar responded to the accusations. He said:

“The song may have been inspired from something but it’s not a copy. A ‘copy’ is a very harsh word and just because two things sound alike, doesn’t make them the same.

“No one holds the right to outright accuse someone of anything like that.”

Singer Jimmy Khan further added: “I don’t know if the melody or composition was copied since I just sang the song and had nothing to do with its production.

“Some inspirations may have been taken but I can’t call it plagiarised.”

Twitter users continued to respond to mhem’s tweet which pointed out the similarity.

One user said: “Just another Pakistani artist engaged in plagiarism.”

Another user stated that modern songs have been copying older songs. Ali Iftikhar said:

“Yeah but tbh every other song these days copies off their tunes from olden songs, some dating back to 30s or the 60s. Nothing new in the music industry, they keep on recycling this stuff.”

Other users shared their disappointment with ‘Haye Dil’ (2019) saying: “My life is ruined for once I thought a catchy song would be an authentic piece.”

Another user pointed out that the Spanish song was, in fact, “copied” from Angus and Julia Stone’s ‘Big Jet Plane’ (2010).

Whether or not ‘Haye Dil’ (2019) was simply inspired by ‘Sofia’ (2015) or copied, it is up to you to decide.

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