Why Green Chillies are Really Good for You

Aside from adding a fiery punch to your curry, green chillies have great benefits for your health. DESIblitz explores why green chillies are so good for you.

Why Green Chillies are Really Good for You

green chillies have zero calories!

No Desi diet is complete without the addition of spicy green chillies that pack a fiery punch.

Used to add flavour, heat and garnish to the average curry dish, chillies are the de facto ingredient for any kind of Asian cuisine.

But did you know that the green chillies lovingly added to your daily Desi dish are actually good for your health?

Green chillies also differ in colour from red chillies because of when they are harvested.

Green chillies are picked before they ripen and turn red. They often have a sharper or hotter taste to your red chilli which can be slightly tamer.

Why Green Chillies are Good for You

Studies have shown that there are many health benefits to having these green chillies in your diet.

DESIblitz lists 7 reasons why green chillies are great for your well-being.

1. Improves your Immunity

Green chillies provide sources of Vitamin C. The Vitamin C helps strengthens your natural immune system.

They do wonders to the nasal passage when you have a blocked nose due to the common cold.

2. Could prevent Cancer developing

Green chillies contain the compound capsaicin that is responsible for the spice.

The more capsaicin a chilli has, the spicier it is. Research reports that eating chillies that are rich in capsaicin could restrain the growth of cancer cells.

Why Green Chillies are Good for You

3. Great for your Skin

Vitamin E is present within green chillies. This vitamin is vital for producing particular natural skin oils.

Consuming them can help contribute you to having good, healthy skin.

4. It has Zero Calories

Most great Desi foods have high calorie levels. However, the good thing about green chillies is that they have zero calories!

This is great for when you are dieting and want to add taste to some bland, diet foods.

5. Helps reduce Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes is a common health issue that is prominent within the South Asian community.

Chillies can balance blood sugar levels in your body. When your blood sugar levels are balanced, you won’t feel the need to splurge out on sweets.

Why Green Chillies are Good for You

6. Can help Digest Food Faster

Green chillies contain natural fibres. These fibres play a vital part in the digestion of food.

There are elements of antioxidants in chilies which again, helps quickens the process of digestion.

7. Improves your Mood

We can’t forget mental well-being when talking about health.

Chillies release endorphins into the brain when consumed. These endorphins make you feel happy.

Green chillies are the underdog of the food world.

Even though they are part of the staple diet for the majority of the Desi community, many ignore the fact that they can do wonders for your health.

Not only can they benefit the skin externally, but they also help maintain the body with various combinations of vitamins and antioxidants, often releasing feel good endorphins.

As with any food, an excess of green chillies can be harmful, resulting in stomach ahead, so do use in moderation.

But aside from that, don’t hesitate from adding a hotter element to your meals.

Your body will thank you for spicing up your life!

Hanifa is a full-time student and part-time cat enthusiast. She is a fan of good food, good music, and good humour. Her motto is: “Risk it for a biscuit.”

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