Essay and Paper Writing Services for Students – Is it Cheating?

Do essay writing services for students count as cheating when someone else does all the hard work? We explore further by speaking to British Asian students.

Essay and Paper Writing Services for Students - Is it Cheating?

"You should be open to learning, exploring and exchanging ideas with other people."

University brings fun and freedom for many British Asian students but does carry some stresses. Namely in the form of assignments. But would you ever use essay writing services for students to get a quick, easy mark?

Companies such as Essay Erudite and countless others are helping some students with just that!

Instead of you planning your essay, researching its topic and creating drafts until you achieve your polished paper, these services aim to do all the hard work. Leaving you with the simple task of handing it in and getting that desired grade.

However, while it appears tempting to use, one can raise a very important question. Does it count as cheating? What are the possible benefits and consequences of using such a service?

DESIblitz takes a closer look at these services. How they work and speaking with British Asians students and graduates to get their thoughts.

How do these Services work?

Firstly, one needs to enter a few details surrounding their particular assignment. From selecting the correct academic level to the type of assignment and deadline, these details create a brief for the service to begin organising the essay.

With all your details in place, you can then order it, paying the required fee. In the case of Essay Erudite, they then choose the most appropriate writer from their pool to complete your assignment. They also claim to give updates to your work, so you can track its progress.

Once the writer has completed a draft, the writing service sends it to you. If happy, you can then hand it in before your upcoming deadline. But if not, these companies can then create revisions with instructions you provide on how to change it.

Essay and Paper Writing Services for Students - Is it Cheating?

Through these few steps, it certainly would sound attractive and tempting to British Asian students. Why worry about looming deadlines? Stuck to the laptop all day and night with energy drinks and snacks by your side as you rush to finish your assignment?

Instead, you could simply call upon these services to do all the hard work. However, while it comes with obvious benefits, possible consequences also lurk.

Are Writing Services for Students worth it?

Amongst British Asian students, while the prospects of someone else writing their essay seemed very alluring, many felt cautious. One student, named Arjun*, tells DESIblitz he’d feel tempted “in some of my stuff. It’s sometimes more convenient.”

This is certainly true. Others students also note it would involve “less pressure, less stress“. These writing services would allow you more time to focus on other things besides your assignment. But is it worth it?

A postgraduate named Divya* argues this isn’t why students enter university in the first place: “You should be open to learning, exploring and exchanging ideas with other people. You should have the ability to put your analytical thoughts on paper.”

Essay and Paper Writing Services for Students - Is it Cheating?

In addition, not writing your own essay means you’re less likely to build skills and experience that these assignments offer. As Anika* adds: “As much as essays are hard and draining … you don’t necessarily need to know what you know in your degree. It’s the skills you get from doing research and everything.”

Graduate Priya* also agrees: “It takes away the vital skills that you [need] and it’s kind of cheating because you’re not writing your own essay.”

British Asian students also comment that one “won’t feel the same satisfaction”. Writing your own essay may mean long hours and hard work. But when you get a good mark afterwards, you gain a sense of reward and fulfilment that these writing services can’t offer.

Instead, your wallet feels emptier due to the fees these companies charge for the essays. For example, Essay Erudite offers a range of costs, starting from $7.50 (approx. £5.70). But weighing up the pros and cons, one could feel they are an unnecessary expense.

Is it Cheating?

The all-important question surrounding these writing services. Many of the British Asian students we spoke to did feel that using such services does count as cheating. Student Hari* believes:

“It would because you’re not doing any of the work. [You’re] paying someone to do the hard work. It would be so much easier, but in the grand scheme of things, it would be cheating.”

Divya also agrees, describing it as “unethical” and adds: “To me, it’s akin to plagiarism.”

While some of the services claim their papers contain original content, this still doesn’t remove the fact that it isn’t truly yours. Someone else has written the words, which you then claim as yours. Wouldn’t that count as plagiarism?

Essay and Paper Writing Services for Students - Is it Cheating?

According to the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), they believe it is plagiarism. In 2016, they conducted an investigation into these companies, finding a large number that created essays for students. Now, university ministers have urged the QAA to set guidelines for academic institutions to ban so-called “essay mills”.

If these guidelines do come to fruition, this could spell worrying news for these services.

However, it would mean students cannot go down an easy route for their assignments. Meaning they would need to complete the research and devote time to writing their essays. At the same time, developing those skills that compass the whole point of the degree.

With these benefits and consequences weighed up, for now, it’s ultimately down to students if they want these writing services to help them. While they offer a stress-free, quick route to gaining your degree, it isn’t necessarily the ethical, moral path to take.

Sarah is an English and Creative Writing graduate who loves video games, books and looking after her mischievous cat Prince. Her motto follows House Lannister's "Hear Me Roar".

*Names have been changed for anonymity.