Drunk and ‘Naked’ Indian Teacher exposed by Villagers

A teacher who paraded around a Punjab village school in his underwear and in a drunken state has been exposed by the villagers in a viral video.

Drunk and ‘Naked’ Indian Teacher exposed by Villagers f

"As you can see he is literally wearing no clothes apart from his underwear."

An incident has emerged from Ferozpur, in Punjab, India where a drunk teacher and virtually naked has been exposed by protesting teachers and villagers.

This was after a video of the science teacher, Gulshan Kumar, openly walking around the school in his underwear went viral on social media.

It’s said that Kumar roamed around the school after excessively drinking and smoking in his clad underwear, even in front of pupils.

The villagers with the assistance of fellow teachers took action after giving him many warnings about his indecent and unacceptable behaviour, especially in front of girl pupils.

They cornered him and locked the teacher in a room of the school.

The spokesman for the protesting group wanting the attention of media and journalists regarding the situation recorded the video that went viral.

Jagbani TV presented the video and reported the incident. The spokesman from the village of Mehma in Ferozpur said:

“We have gathered here at the government school in Mehma on the request of girl students and their parents.

“Why we have come is because of one teacher, named Gulshan Kumar, a science teacher, who has been in a drunk and disorderly manner for a few days.

“We were made aware that other teachers were not at all happy with his behaviour and cornered him into this room.

“As you can see he is literally wearing no clothes apart from his underwear.

“He has been parading himself in this manner and state for some time in front of women teachers who teach at the school and young female students.

“We urge the local police and authorities to take strict and proper lawful action against this teacher.

“He needs to be taught a lesson with severe punishment for his drunken and obscene behaviour.”

“Such that a teaching environment in a school like this is not jarred by such incidents

“We do not want the parents and everyone else losing faith in the education and school board system here, as they have felt recently.”

Drunk and ‘Naked’ Indian Teacher exposed by Villagers - Gulshan Kumar

Despite the efforts to report the drunk teacher in the past, no action was taken against him.

The reasons for him walking around semi-naked in the school in a drunken state are not entirely clear.

However, now it is hoped that after this exposure of Kumar by the villagers and fellow teachers that police will actively investigate the matter.

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