Drunk Indian Teacher caught Hiding Beer in Classroom

In a shocking incident, a teacher in Uttar Pradesh was found in an inebriated state and had been drinking beer whilst teaching students.

Indian Teacher caught Drinking Beer in Classroom f

"Drunk master ji is teaching children"

In the city of Hathras, Uttar Pradesh, a teacher was found drunk in a classroom, having been drinking beer whilst teaching.

A video of the primary school teacher being exposed has gone viral on Twitter.

Shailendra Singh Gautam has since been suspended.

At DRB Intercollege, a staff member enters the classroom and confronts Shailendra, who had been teaching at the time.

In the video, Shailendra initially asks his colleague not to film him, citing his professional allegiance to the man.

Based on the clip, Shailendra is intoxicated as he is heard slurring his words.

As the staff member continues to film Shailendra, he is seen trying to hide two beer cans, one which is behind his desk and another on his chair.

The staff member then threatens Shailendra, stating that he will continue to film him and expose his improper conduct in front of his students.

Meanwhile, the children are seen sitting on the floor, looking up to see what was going on.

Upon learning what had happened, District Magistrate (DM) Ramesh Ranjan instructed the college administration to hold Shailendra accountable for his actions.

Shailendra has since been suspended and a three-member committee is now investigating the matter.

But Delhi Commission for Women Chairperson Swati Maliwal has called for the police to take action against the teacher.

She tweeted the video and wrote:

“Drunk master ji is teaching children, girls in a state of intoxication. The video is said to be from Hathras, UP.

“If the teachers – who are the shapers of the children’s future do such a thing – can the future of the children be good?

“Take action on this teacher immediately Uttar Pradesh Police.”

The video went viral and unsurprisingly, social media users were shocked by what they saw.

One person said:

“So shameful! This is happening inside a classroom. I just can’t believe it.”

“This drunkard must be terminated immediately.”

Another wrote: “Is this teacher worth teaching children?”

A third commented: “Such a teacher should be suspended immediately, this teacher will ruin the future of the child.”

Some believed that the incident was part of a bigger issue within the education sector.

One user commented: “Very little attention paid to the education sector and if it’s primary education then there no limit to degradation.”

Another agreed: “The education system is left in the hands of such people.”

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