Dhanush and Shahrukh Khan help Flood Victims

Indian actor and singer Dhanush comes to India’s aid in the Chennai floods alongside Shahrukh Khan, and many more famous names. DESIblitz reports.

"The people network has been so strong which has helped the city more than anything else."

Indian actor and singer, Dhanush, has reportedly donated Rs. 5 lakhs (£4,937) to the Cheif Minister’s Relief fund to help the Chennai flood victims.

He has been seen handing out boxes of food, water and dry clothing to those left stranded due to the intense rainfall.

The Why This Kolaveri Di singer’s Twitter page has also become a beacon of help and support

It holds host to constant live updates of the crisis in India and how people can offer donation and offer a helping hand.

His fans have been actively helping out the Bollywood star by delivering food to various places:

Dhanush is not the only one to show support to the people of Chennai in this time of crisis.

Global superstar Shahrukh Khan has also reportedly donated Rs. 1 crore (£98,747) to the Relief Fund, alongside Dipika Pallikal, who has given Rs. 2 lakh to the cause.

King Khan has written a letter to Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, J Jayalalitha, expressing his sympathy:

#SRKDonates1crToChennai is one of the top trends on Twitter in India, increasing the awareness to this disaster and how people can help.

Dhanush donates to India floods

Other famous names such as Rana Daggubati of Bahubali (2015) and sportsperson Saina Nehwal have also contributed.

With the support from these celebrities, the victims of the flood may stand a better chance of survival and rebuild their lives.

The Indian city of Chennai (Madras) has been hit with severe rain and flooding, causing risk to life and destruction of many buildings and homes.

At least 280 people are known to have died, while thousands are still stranded at various areas of the city with no food, water or electricity.

Nevertheless, the community has displayed a tremendous level of kindness towards each other.

Sundaram says: “My parents’ neighbour informed my sister in Bangalore that they were doing OK and relieved us of the tension.

“The people network has been so strong which has helped the city more than anything else.”

Dhanush donates to India floods

Climate change is said to be the main cause of the rain, the heaviest in 100 years.

Jayalalitha says: “The rain that was meant to be spread out over the monsoon months has poured in just a few days.”

Luckily, the rain is beginning to subside and recede from the city, which could hopefully mean an end to the devastating natural disaster.

It may take a long time, but with the help of donations and support worldwide, Chennai will hopefully regain its strength once again.

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