Mahira Khan trolled over Pakistan Flood Relief Appeal

Mahira Khan urged people to donate money to help victims of the Pakistan floods but her tweet resulted in trolling.

Mahira Khan trolled over Pakistan Flood Relief Appeal f

"When will showbiz people contribute??"

Mahira Khan was subjected to trolling after she tweeted a relief appeal about the Pakistan floods.

In Pakistan, “monster monsoons” have claimed over 1,000 lives so far and damaged one million homes.

Non-stop rain has put most of Pakistan under water, sparking an urgent plea for help.

More than 33 million Pakistanis are believed to have been affected in some way by the disaster.

Celebrities like Amir Khan have sent donations to help those affected by the floods.

However, Mahira Khan was trolled after she urged people to donate.

The Pakistani actress took to Twitter to share a tweet from Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan. Urging people to donate, Mahira captioned the post:

“Big or small… whatever one can do.”

Some of her followers praised her for using her platform to provide help.

However, her tweet was not appreciated by some Pakistani citizens who began to criticise Mahira.

Many questioned her celebrity status and asked why she is asking people to make donations instead of making donations herself, especially when she makes a lot of money from her acting roles.

One user said: “Rather than just speaking, it is important to act as well.”

Others asked what she is doing other than just posting tweets on the matter.

One person wrote: “Only tweeting for what?? When will showbiz people contribute??”

Another said: “Mahira if you can help people in the flooding area, you can.”

A third commented:

“You just keep quiet, wretched woman.”

It is not just Mahira Khan who has been trolled for tweeting about flood relief donations.

The likes of Humayun Saeed and cricketer Shaheen Afridi have also been slammed.

Actor Humayun tweeted: “Extremely distressing situation all across Pakistan following rain and floods. I appeal to the government to please take urgent action and provide all necessary relief to our displaced brothers and sisters.

“All of us too must extend our support to the flood victims in every possible way.”

In reaction to the tweet, one person wrote:

“Brother, you earn a lot of money from your films, why don’t you donate instead of asking others.”

Meanwhile, Shaheen wrote: “In this hard time, I request all the citizens to help and donate as much as they can for the sufferer of the flood that has caused great catastrophe in Balochistan, Sindh and South Punjab.

“Let us come out of this as a nation.”

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