Designer Georgette Kurtis in Eternal Black

A well-designed Kurti is a staple must-have in every Desi girl’s wardrobe. DESIblitz presents some gorgeous designer Kurtis in eternal black.

Designer Georgette Kurtis in Eternal Black

the bandh gala design adds Eastern chic to the Western cut of the dress

Kurtas or Kurtis are a designer favourite for many South Asian women. Traditionally, Kurtis (worn by women) are a loose-fitting shirt that can vary in length.

Depending on the latest trends, Kurtis can be anywhere between the waist or above the knee. Traditionally, their shorter length matched with loose bottoms makes for a comfortable and casual rural look.

Materials can also vary greatly, from lace to chiffon net and silk, Kurtis are an elegant day or occasion-wear that can be matched with simple trousers, shalwars or even skinny jeans.

One of the great things about South Asian attire is that you can experiment with any colour or style. While culturally seen as ordinary day wear, you can style up Kurtis to suit almost any occasion.

Take a look at this stunning collection of designer georgette Kurtis from Libas. The 1920s inspired party wear uses eternal black as its base colour, and is the perfect hue for understated glamour and elegance.

Designer Georgette Kurtis in Eternal Black

Aside from the chic black, the georgette cuts show an innovation of Kurti styles, appearing more like dresses as opposed to loose shirts that finish at the knee.

You can now opt for sheer sleeves against light gold embroidered prints. Set against the black, the gold detailing really pops out and adds to the overall look of old-school Bollywood glamour.

The longer the Kurti, the less of a need to wear trousers underneath.

Opt instead for a dramatic side splits that will show off some skin, while the sheer V-shaped panel at the top complete with delicate embellishment, adds a seductive touch.

Designer Georgette Kurtis in Eternal Black

For those fashionistas looking for a bit more drama and colour in their black ensemble, then this red flower printed, black lace Kurti is simply gorgeous.

Again, the bottom half of the Kurti acts as a skirt that falls to your feet for a stunning party look. You can team the Kurti with lace black gloves for more dramatic flair.

Designer Georgette Kurtis in Eternal Black

From bright yellows, and electric blues, you can team your black Kurti with any combination of eye-popping colours.

This Kurti with Chinese-inspired floral prints sees a yellow and white silk embossed onto the black georgette fabric. Simple yet impactful, it is stunning in its asymmetry.

The plain fitted cut of the dress adds a formal touch to the ensemble, and the cute dress pockets are divine. For those looking for a more monochrome feel, the black and white block Kurti with white floral prints.

The ivory white nicely contrasts with the black, while the front buttoned detail adds a less formal, and more casual look.

Designer Georgette Kurtis in Eternal Black

Bandh gala style Kurtis continue to be a popular trend. This electric blue waistcoat on top of a delicate lace Kurti skirt is breathtakingly detailed.

The intricate blue threaded embroidery and cross-stitch patterns add an authentic Desi look to the modern cut, complete with a bright blue bow.

On the other side is an equally stunning multi-coloured Kurti top and a flowy skirt of sheer fabric. Again the bandh gala design adds Eastern chic to the Western cut of the dress, and updates the traditional Kurti to a whole new level.

Designer Georgette Kurtis in Eternal Black

Over the years, Kurtis for women have evolved dramatically. From flowery dress-like cuts to long waistcoats, to bold cutouts. Even the more traditional style of Kurtis have been updated to suit the modern Desi woman.

Worn with tights, sheer or lace leggings, these Kurti ensembles in black are both elegant and comfortable, and are a perfect outfit for any party or festive occasion.

Check out some more stunning Kurti designs in eternal black in our gallery below:

Nazhat is an ambitious 'Desi' woman with interests in news and lifestyle. As a writer with a determined journalistic flair, she firmly believes in the motto "an investment in knowledge pays the best interest," by Benjamin Franklin.

Images courtesy of Libas and Jabong

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