Couple Marry in Scotland after Meeting in ‘Different Countries’

A couple, Sandeep and Piriyah who were forcibly kept apart in different countries found a way to reunite and tie the knot in Scotland.

Couple Marry in Scotland after Meeting in 'Different Countries' f-2

“He told me not to go over it, to find a way around it."

Sandeep and Piriyah Krishnan, whose dream wedding was cancelled by the coronavirus found a way to reunite after being kept apart in different continents.

Piriyah spent the lockdown in London while Sandeep was stranded in Missouri in the US.

The couple dreamt of a wedding in Malaysia. However, the couple was forced to cancel it.

To add to their worries, they were also unable to reunite in the same country.

Despite their troubles, Sandeep and Piriyah tied the know thanks to a registrar at Stirling Council in Scotland.

Let’s take a look at their love story which started with pure luck and turned into something amazing.

How did they meet?

Couple Marry in Scotland after Meeting in 'Different Countries' - couple

UK-born cardiologist Sandeep, who resides in the US was travelling back home from a medical trip in India.

Speaking to BBC’s Scotland’s Mornings with Jackie Brambles, Sandeep revealed how he first came across Piriyah. He explained:

“I was in Heathrow and I had 20 or 30 minutes to kill so I pulled out my app wondering what do Indian women in look like in Europe.

“I was curious. So I saw Piriyah’s face and I thought, ‘oh, she is gorgeous.’

“I had to talk to her, so I swiped right and never thought anything else about it. I never knew I had matched with her until several weeks later.”

On the Dil Mil dating app, non-practising barrister Piriyah swiped right on the cardiologist.

Interestingly, Piriyah had entered her preferences on the app stated that she did not want a long-distance relationship.

Her reason for this decision was because she worked tirelessly to pass the bar qualification. Thus, she did not wish to meet anyone outside the UK.

However, Sandeep managed to dodge the process and fate brought the pair together.

Through the app, the couple began engaging in conversations. This led them to speak on the phone.

When the couple were thinking of meeting up, Piriyah realised Sandeep was not in the UK, but in Oklahoma.


Couple Marry in Scotland after Meeting in 'Different Countries' - couple2

There was no denying that there was a deep connection for both Sandeep and Piriyah.

They decided to meet halfway so the couple took to Florida for their first date to enjoy a week-long cruise from Miami to Cuba.

Speaking about the same, Piriyah said:

“It was absolutely crazy when we look back, but I think to do such a bold thing you have to have something inside you that says, ‘you have to give it a go, it is real’.”

Sandeep and Piriyah decided to continue dating. Piriyah added:

“Things went very quickly. We were dating for about a year and travelled to about seven countries together.”

“We just thought we would make the best of a long-distance relationship and every time we met we tried to meet in different countries.

“We got to know each other and really bonded and built on the relationship.”

Then came the moment of the proposal. Sandeep asked the big question after they enjoyed a skydive in California.

Sandeep and Piriyah settled on tying the knot in May 2020, at a temple in Malaysia. This was also one of the countries the couple went to for on one of their dates.

Overcoming Obstacles

Couple Marry in Scotland after Meeting in 'Different Countries' - holding hands

Unfortunately, the pair’s love story was hit by the coronavirus pandemic which cancelled international flights.

Piriyah said:

“I was travelling back from the US to London and the day I landed in the UK was the day President Trump imposed the travel ban.

“For five months, we were stranded apart and like many couples, our wedding had to be postponed.

“We didn’t know when we were going to see each other again.

“One day, I broke down to my father, telling him I felt like there was a big mountain in front of me and I didn’t know how I was going to do it.

“He told me not to go over it, to find a way around it.

“That was a penny-drop moment for me and I realised that one of the exceptions to the travel ban was if you were the spouse of a US citizen you could travel to the US.”

Despite this, the couple were determined to marry. Trying every council in England, Piriyah was told that the couple were required to hand in a physical notice one month prior to getting married.

After struggling with England councils, she tried her luck in Scotland.

It appeared luck was on her side as a registrar at Stirling Council helped the couple fulfil their wish.

Thanking the registrar, Piriyah said:

“I will never forget this woman I spoke to – a wonderful woman who showed more than sympathy, she showed empathy and that was the turning point.

“They said we could give online notice and show our physical documents on the day.

“So, we gave notice that day and were married 30 days later.”

Making his way to Scotland in mid-July, Sandeep was required to quarantine for 14 days.

The couple said yes at the Tolbooth in Stirling in August 2020. However, due to the regulations, the ceremony was held outside.

Sandeep even wore a kilt, the traditional wear of Scotland.

In attendance were four guests with loved ones watching in online.

To celebrate the moment, Sandeep and Piriyah climbed Ben Nevis. There is no doubt that Scotland will be close to their hearts. Piriyah further added:

“That lady will always hold a special place in our hearts. She made the impossible happen and that’s all we can do for each other.”

Couple Marry in Scotland after Meeting in 'Different Countries' - sunset

Speaking about the wedding, a Stirling Council spokesperson said:

“In these challenging times, Stirling Council Registrars were delighted to step in and allow Piriyah and Sandeep to get married at the city’s historic Tolbooth venue.

“It’s always heartening to get positive feedback about the service and the efforts of the team, and we would like to wish Piriyah and Sandeep all the best as they start a life together as a married couple.”

Ayesha is an English graduate with an aesthetic eye. Her fascination lies in sports, fashion and beauty. Also, she does not shy away from controversial subjects. Her motto is: “no two days are the same, that is what makes life worth living.”

Images courtesy of Dil Mil video.

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