Boxer Amir Khan reunites with Parents & Introduces Son

British boxer Amir Khan enjoyed an emotional reunion with his parents. He also introduced his three-month-old son to them.

Boxer Amir Khan reunites with Parents & Introduces Son f

"there were a lot of tears and joy"

Boxer Amir Khan reunited with his parents, signalling an end to a public 18-month feud that has torn the family apart.

Khan, his wife Faryal Makhdoom and their three children visited his parents at their home in Bolton.

The former world champion’s siblings and cousins were also there, many of whom he had not spoken to after also falling out with them.

The reunion was an emotional one because it was the first time Shah and Falak had met their three-month-old grandson, Muhammad Zaviyar.

The get-together was the first time since December 2018 that Mr and Mrs Khan had seen their son and Faryal and their two other grandchildren, Lamaisah and Alayna.

Boxer Amir Khan reunites with Parents & Introduces Son - son

A source to the Daily Mail said: “It was a very emotional reunion because both Shah and Falak have really missed not seeing Amir and his family.

“They were also devastated that they had not seen their grandson and there were a lot of tears and joy when they laid eyes on him for the first time.

“There’s been a lot of harsh words exchanged between the two sides over the past few months, but this current coronavirus situation has made them see what’s really important. And that is your family.”

The Khans had claimed that the ongoing lockdown made them realise the importance of family.

Another family source explained: “It was a beautiful day and wonderful to see the Khans reunited again.

“There were a lot of tears and hugging and a lot of healing took place.

“Because of Coronavirus, everybody wanted to settle their differences and start building a new family life again.”

Boxer Amir Khan reunites with Parents & Introduces Son - trio2

However, the reunion raised questions as the Khans breached lockdown rules to see another household.

One person asked: “How does the social distancing and not being able to see family work then?? I’m dying to see my family.”

It is the second time Amir Khan has breached social distancing. In April 2020, he was forced to apologise for having five friends at his home.

When asked about it, the source responded:

“Important people in the Government are breaching the lockdown so what is wrong with the Khans and other people doing it?

“If people are going to criticise them, then I would ask why are you picking on them? Why not target those who are more influential, like Dominic Cummings?”

Boxer Amir Khan reunites with Parents & Introduces Son - trio

Several photos showed the family enjoying their time together.

In one photo, Amir and Faryal posed in the living room with his parents as Shah proudly holds his grandson.

Others show the boxer in the garden holding his brother Haroon’s son.

The Khan family enjoyed a feast at the home before spending the rest of the afternoon in the garden.

The reunion indicates an end to a bitter family feud in which Shah and Falak accused Faryal of driving a wedge between them and their son.

In May 2019, Shah had revealed that they had not seen their son for several months and blamed Faryal for it.

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