Bipasha Basu admits ‘Difficult’ first months of Pregnancy

Bipasha Basu opened up about her pregnancy, admitting that the first few months were “extremely difficult”.

Bipasha Basu admits 'Difficult' first months of Pregnancy f

"People talk about morning sickness, I was sick all day long."

Bipasha Basu admitted that the first few months of her pregnancy were “extremely difficult” as she was “sick all day long”.

She revealed that lost a lot of weight because she hardly ate.

In an interview, the actress said she found relief “only after a few months”.

Bipasha also spoke about the challenges during her pregnancy as well as her cravings.

Bipasha explained: “No amount of planning was going to prepare me for what came next though.

“The first few months of my pregnancy were extremely difficult.

“People talk about morning sickness, I was sick all day long. Either I was on my bed or in the loo. I could barely eat and I’d lost a lot of weight.

“It was only after a few months went by that I felt this horrible wave of sickness subside.

“I didn’t get any intense cravings, my body isn’t wired like that. Although, in small bursts, I would crave salty and be repelled by anything sweet. Which was a change since normally my sweet-tooth works on overdrive. But alas, it’s clearly not what the baby wants.”

Despite this, Bipasha said that her diet has not changed too much.

She continued: “Other than completely silencing my sweet tooth, this pregnancy hasn’t changed my diet that much.

“I’ve always eaten balanced meals. There is a little of everything – carbs, fats, proteins, lean meats, fruits and veggies.

“I ensure the roughage is good and keep myself hydrated.

“However, while there wasn’t a drastic change for me, there were challenges.

“In fact, I had to consciously stop working out and training which was more difficult for me than I thought it would be since I had to learn how to just lie down, relax and put my feet up instead of being the over-active, in-control person that I have always been.”

In August 2022, Bipasha Basu and her husband, Karan Singh Grover, announced that they are expecting their first child together.

Alongside a maternity photoshoot, the caption read:

“A new time, a new phase, a new light adds another unique shade to our prism of life. Making us a little more whole than we used to be.

“We began this life individually and then we met each other and from then we were two.

“Too much love for only two, seemed a little unfair for us to see… so soon, we who once were two will now become three.

“A creation manifested by our love, our baby will join us soon and add to our glee.”

“Thank you all, for your unconditional love, your prayers and good wishes as they are and will always be a part of us.

“Thank you for being a part of our lives and manifesting with us another beautiful life, our baby.

“Durga Durga.”

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