Bipasha Basu reveals Wedding Video for One-Year Anniversary

Bipasha Basu has treated fans to an exclusive wedding video of her and Karan Singh Grover’s romantic day, created for their one-year anniversary.

Bipasha Basu reveals Wedding Video for One-Year Anniversary

"That day, I think I knew my decision was made. I just knew I loved him."

30th April 2017 marked the one-year anniversary of Bipasha Basu’s wedding to Karan Singh Grover. To mark the occasion, Bipasha treated fans to a wedding video reflecting back on their special day. It also features exclusive interviews with the couple.

Bipasha tweeted the video on 2nd May 2017, which originally appeared on YouTube the day before their anniversary.

The wedding video captures heart-warming moments from Bipasha and Karan’s “monkey” wedding, giving viewers a closer look at their beautiful outfits.

As fans will remember from 2016, the actress wore a stunning red and gold lehenga. But now they can witness the jaw-dropping jewellery and makeup that accompanied Bipasha’s bridal dress up close.

The video, uploaded and created by The Wedding Filmer, also revealed intimate moments from the Bengali ritual ‘briddhi’ and the reception. With warming smiles and a joyful atmosphere, fans can get to experience the romantic event themselves.

Throughout the video, fans can watch exclusive snippets of Bipasha and Karan speaking about love and their relationship. The actress explained how their relationship blossomed into marriage and how it continues to thrive.

She explained: “We accepted each other, without judging each other.”

Karan also spoke how his life had changed since meeting Bipasha, and how his understanding of marriage has also changed:

“You’re not going into it blindfolded anymore. You know the mistakes you made, so you know what you’re not supposed to do.”

The couple also spoke fondly of each other. Bipasha recounted their early days, noting how Karan had been late when they first met. But she also revealed how he helped her to try new things, such as walking on bare feet in the forest for the first time.

She revealed that even back then: “That day, I think I knew my decision was made. I just knew I loved him.”

Karan also praised Bipasha in a similar way. He said: “She’s a very warm-hearted person. She makes everyone feel comfortable.”

With such a poignant way to mark their special anniversary, fans will surely make the video a viral hit.

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Images courtesy of The Wedding Filmer's Youtube Channel.

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