Babil Khan accused of using Father to Promote Himself

Babil Khan took to Instagram and revealed that he has been accused of using his father, the late Irrfan Khan, to promote himself.

Babil Khan accused of using Father to Promote Himself f

"I'm using him to promote myself and that really hurts"

Babil Khan has revealed that he has been accused of promoting himself by using his late father’s name.

The renowned Irrfan Khan passed away on April 29, 2020, after battling a Neuroendocrine tumour for two years.

Since his death, his son Babil has often shared unseen photos of Irrfan as well as stories from his life, treating fans to memories of the actor.

However, he has stopped sharing photos and revealed that it was because some netizens were accusing him of using his father’s name to promote himself.

The revelation came to light after an Instagram follower commented on Babil’s post, asking him when he would share another memory of his father.

Replying to the user, Babil wrote:

“I loved sharing and then I get these DMs all the time saying that I’m using him to promote myself and that really hurts when in fact I was genuinely sharing memories to fill up the void that he left in his fans.

“So I’m so confused on what to do.

“I’m trying to figure out but it really hurts when random people message me saying I’m using his memory to gain clout like I needed to do that.

“I’m already his son, I never needed to do that to gain anything.

“Now I’m perplexed and a little hurt tbh. So I’ll share when I feel like it’s the right time.”

Babil Khan took a screenshot of his comment and added it to his story in order to inform the rest of his followers.

He wrote:

“For Baba’s fans wondering why I have stopped sharing memories of him.”

Babil is set to make his acting debut in the Netflix film Qala. The film is being produced by Anushka Sharma’s company.

Babil Khan accused of using Father to Promote Himself

He has already completed part of the filming schedule alongside Tripti Dimri.

Babil previously shared a video clip from the film set. He wrote:

“Tripti freaking Dimri is back again!!!!!! Whooooooo!!! (and a little bit of me)

“Also I’m a bit sceptical about the phrase ‘getting launched’ because the audience should launch off their seats while watching our film and not any individual actor (sic).”

He added: “Qala will be here soon to share her story of her fight for a place in her mother’s heart.”

Babil’s debut is highly anticipated and Amitabh Bachchan extended his best wishes for the upcoming actor.

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