Australian Police issue $1m reward for Murder Suspect Nurse

Australian Police have issued a $1 million reward for information on a nurse who is suspected to have murdered a pharmacy worker.

Australian Police issue $1m reward for Murder Suspect Nurse f


“His arrival in India has been confirmed."

Australian police have issued a $1 million reward for those with information or the capture of a nurse who has been accused of murder.

Rajwinder Singh, who was working as a nurse in Australia, is a suspect in the murder of pharmacy worker Toyah Cordingley, who was killed in 2018.

Two days after the murder, Singh fled to India.

Toyah’s father came across his daughter’s dead body a day after she did not return home from walking her dog.

Toyah, aged 24, was last seen at Wangetti beach.

Police have labelled the murder as “a personal and intimate attack”.

Queensland Police have now issued a $1 million reward for details from the public which can aid them in capturing Singh.

The reward is the largest ever offered by Australian law enforcement.

Australian Deputy Commissioner, Tracy Linford commented:

“We are very grateful for the Government’s support in approving this significant reward which we believe will assist us in tracking down Rajwinder Singh.

“It is critical we capture the attention of an international audience to reach this individual.”

Detective Acting Superintendent Sonia Smith described the reward as “unique”.

Smith continued: “We know that Singh departed Cairns on October 22, the day after Toyah was murdered, and then flew from Sydney to India on the 23rd.

“His arrival in India has been confirmed. We have confirmed today that the last known location for Singh was India.”

Law enforcement officers of Indian origin have been called in to help assist the investigation – they will be able to collect correspondence from people living in India, who might be able to help inform police of Singh’s possible location.

Australian Police Minister, Mark Ryan urged individuals who had information about Singh to share it with law enforcement:

“We know that people know this person, they know where this person is and we’re asking those people to do the right thing.

“This person is accused of a very heinous crime; a crime which has ripped a family apart.”

“Police will not give up – we remain incredibly determined to find answers for Toyah’s family and will do whatever we can to bring them closure.”

Toyah’s mother, Vanessa Gardiner expressed her grief. She said:

“Toyah was a young woman who will never get the chance to live a full life and all that entails, never get the chance to live, laugh and love.

“Never get the chance to have children or grandchildren, to grow old.

Vanessa Gardiner felt strongly towards her daughter’s killer being held to account:

“This was taken away from her by a horrendous act and the person who committed it.

“This person is, right now, living free with no consequences for their terrible crime, and could even be committing more atrocious acts. This is not acceptable.

“While justice will not bring Toyah back, justice is the very least that she deserves.

“At the very minimum, this person must be removed from society and held to account.”

Ilsa is a digital marketeer and journalist. Her interests include politics, literature, religion and football. Her motto is “Give people their flowers whilst they’re still around to smell them.”

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