Arisha Razi Khan trolled over Before & After Makeup Video

Arisha Razi Khan recently posted a before and after makeup video for a post-wedding event. However, it invited criticism.

Arisha Razi Khan trolled over Before & After Makeup Video f

“The power of makeup is dangerous.”

Recently, Arisha Razi Khan took to social media to share a captivating video showcasing her exquisite makeover.

The video documented her transition from a makeup-free look to a stunning, glamorous appearance.

She had the makeup done for a post-wedding event.

Arisha Razi exuded undeniable beauty in her transformed state, captivating viewers with her radiant allure.

Fans have been swift to offer their reactions to Arisha’s appearance before and after makeup application.

Many think that her beauty is solely attributable to cosmetics, asserting that without makeup, she appears aged and less appealing.

Netizens assert that makeup effectively masks her imperfections and enhances her facial features.

One user commented: “This is proof that no one is unattractive they are just poor.”

Another said: “The power of makeup is dangerous.”

One asked: “Why not embrace your real looks? She looks nothing like that without makeup.”

Online commentators have not minced words in their criticism of Arisha’s appearance.

Arisha Razi’s cosmetic transformation sparked broader conversations about societal standards of beauty and the influence of makeup.


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While some applauded the talent of the makeup artist, others critiqued the notion of beauty being dependent upon external enhancements.

Arisha Razi is an exquisite and skilled model, performer and online networking influencer from Pakistan.

She garners a multitude of admirers who are captivated by her alluring countenance and vibrant persona.

Arisha initially rose to fame as a child star, gracing screens in a plethora of dramatic productions.

Her projects range from poignant narratives to light-hearted sitcoms.

She garnered acclaim for her portrayal in the renowned television series, Ranj E Ashnai.

Recently, Arisha has been praised for her performances in Dikhawa, Dil Pe Zakhm Khaye Hain, Chauraha, and other televised dramas.

Adding to her accomplishments, she entered matrimonial bliss in February 2024, tying the knot with Abdullah Farrukh.

Arisha Razi Khan trolled over Before & After Makeup Video

Arisha Razi also faced criticism for her extended wedding festivities and her enthusiasm in each wedding photo.

Not only this, many social media users also age-shamed her husband.

Addressing this, Arisha took to her Instagram stories, asking:

“I want to know one thing today!? What on earth do we get in spreading all the hatred? All the negativity and all the criticism?

“Don’t we all know that it is a bride’s biggest day, which she has planned all these years then why ruin it all?

“I agree if we dislike something on the internet but it’s one of the ‘biggest days of their lives’, we can always refrain from spreading hatred and always wish them good luck!”

Ayesha is a film and drama student who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible"

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