Amir Khan trolled for Pakistan Cricket Team ‘Match-Fixing’ Gaffe

Twitterati reacted to Amir Khan and his ‘match-fixing’ gaffe on television about the Pakistani Cricket team’s chances at the ICC World Cup.


"It depends on the match-fixing"

It looks like anything British Pakistan boxer Amir Khan accidentally says on social media or television interviews is quickly interpreted for the worst as a gaffe and results in him getting trolled.

This time he has been trolled for his slip about the chances of Pakistan’s cricket team at the ICC World Cup in the UK.

His latest gaffe got the attention of Pakistan’s sports journalist Saj Sadiq, who tweeted a clip of an interview of Amir Khan on a Pakistani television channel sitting with his brother.

It looks like the boxer is asked about how will the Pakistan cricket team fare at the tournament and in his reply he mentions it will depend on the “match-fixing” and “how they fix the games”.

Which quickly sent the viewers of the clip into launching a troll campaign against the boxer for his mistake.

Amir said:

“I think like any other team in the world cup, they have a great chance. It just depends on the draw. It depends on the match-fixing [word silences], on the match fixes, on how they fix the games.

“But I feel with cricket it’s a very difficult sport. If you start very bad, it’s very hard to get the points back. So what Pakistan has to do, in my opinion, is to start very strong early.”

It’s evident from what he was trying to say was that it depends on the ‘match fixtures’ but in the way it comes across, it’s easily interpreted as to what he said was how well the Pakistani team can fix matches!

Twitterati could not miss the opportunity to pick up on his gaffe and mounted their mix of memes and reactionary comments.

It all started with Saj Sadiq saying:

“Slip of the tongue from Amir Khan on Pakistan’s chances at the World Cup “it all depends on the match-fixing and how they fix the games” #CWC19″

Then, the reactions came with Nithin Nambiar commenting:

“Is that how he won his boxing matches ;)”

Rodney Peters said:

“Probably been hit in the head too many times.”

Mush reacted to fellow followers saying:

“he’s done it again hahahahah”

Dr M Tahir gave a more ‘expert’ response:

“When a person doesn’t know abt cricket and no idea what to say that’s a stupidity to take expert opinion no matter who is infront”

Then a few people did pick up on what he really meant and came to his defence.

Jarrie said:

“He meant fixtures. Bro”

The Joker aptly wrote:

“I think he mean fixtures as in schedule”

A sympathetic Your_Ignorance wrote:

He obviously meant match fixtures. Man, we need to give people a break sometimes. Life is hard enough as it is.”

So, it looks like some people did get what he meant to say but the majority could not resist to highlighted his gaffe in this instance when it came to being cricket pundit.

On the pitch, the Pakistani team had a lukewarm start by losing their first game of the world cup to the West Indies at Trend Bridge. They were all bowled out for 105 which attracted a lot of flak from fans.

However, they bounced back against England on Monday, June 3, 2019, with a score of 348/8 and went onto win the game.

Baldev enjoys sports, reading and meeting people of interest. In between his social life he loves to write. He quotes Groucho Marx - "The two most engaging powers of an author are to make new things familiar, and familiar things new."

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