Priyanka Chopra reveals Experience on ‘The Matrix 4’ Set

Priyanka Chopra Jonas has revealed that she will be in ‘The Matrix 4’ and she opened up on her experience on set post-lockdown.

Priyanka Chopra reveals Experience on 'The Matrix 4' Set f

"it was the first movie I did after lockdown"

Priyanka Chopra revealed what it was like on the set of The Matrix 4 post-lockdown.

The actress previously announced that she has a role in the popular sci-fi franchise, which stars Matrix veterans Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss and Jada Pinkett Smith.

She spoke to Variety and while she stated that she will be in the film, Priyanka did not give anything away in regards to her role.

Priyanka said: “No. I can’t say much, but she’s something you don’t expect.”

The actress also revealed that it is the first movie she filmed after lockdown and she never felt safer.

“What I can say is I finished filming and it was the first movie I did after lockdown and I’ve never felt safer on a set.”

Filming for The Matrix 4 began in San Francisco on February 4, 2020, but was halted in March due to the pandemic.

The release date was also pushed back from May 21, 2021, to December 22, 2021. It will also stream digitally on HBO Max in the United States for one month.

Not much is known about the fourth instalment but fans cannot wait to see what is in store.

Priyanka Chopra also opened up about her Netflix film The White Tiger, which has received rave reviews.

The White Tiger was something that I was craving. I’m very nascent in my work in the US.

“I’ve just started working, with Quantico and I’m filming a few movies right now.

“But I’m really looking for a trajectory where I have the ability to play various characters and genres and not be bogged down or put into a box or a stereotype of what I can do. That was my career in India.

“Pinky is a product of modern, urban India that is in touch with the world.

“It’s educated, understands the opportunity, rights and trajectories. That is what the movie is about.”

Priyanka also admitted that she would like to make her directorial debut one day. Despite the huge responsibility, it is something she has thought about often.

“I’ve always wanted to. Having learned everything that I know about the business and on set, I see the tremendous responsibility it is.

“You’re the captain of the ship, [you] steer every department and every department reports to you, and [it is] your singular vision.

“Filmmaking is definitely a director’s medium, and I feel like TV is a writer’s medium. So it’s the responsibility of it that I’m scared of more than anything.

“But I think, creatively I’m definitely ready. I want to do it.

“I’m at such a nascent place in my acting career that I want to be able to do a little work for a few years, establish myself as someone who’s done great work, and then pivot into the technical side of it, but it’s definitely something I dream about.”

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