Alif delves into the Human Journey with ‘Fitna Fitoor’

Kashmiri musician Mohammad Muneem, popularly known as Alif, has released his new track, titled ‘Fitna Fitoor’.

Alif delves into the Human Journey with 'Fitna Fitoor' f

'Fitna Fitoor' touches on the subject of struggle

Kashmir-based musician Alif is back with his new release, titled ‘Fitna Fitoor’.

‘Fitna Fitoor’ is a song based on flexibility and the expedition of an individual towards self-discovery, whilst troubled with chaos and uncertainty.

The song paints the impression that there is strength in belief, and in waiting for darkness to turn into light.

The descriptive narrative of the song is the imitation of humanity being thrown into a fierce sea, wavering between weak and strong moments, creating and destroying, and ultimately being born again as a whole new person.

With its spellbinding lyrics and excellent melody, ‘Fitna Fitoor’ touches on the subject of struggle and a desire to overcome hurdles, highlighting the unyielding character of the human soul.

This symphony is an invitation to listeners to be encouraged in finding their path to success, to never give up and to allow themselves to be born again as new people.

The music video, which features Alif, is laden with dreamlike imagery, and highlights an exclusive fusion style, bringing together touching poetry and free-spirited instrumentation.

Beginning his musical odyssey in 2008, Alif shot to fame with his wedding track ‘Kya Karie Korimol’.

He went on to win an award at the Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival 2018, presented to him for his single ‘Lalnawath’.

He also won an IRAA Award for his song ‘Like a Sufi’.

Alif made a name for himself in Kashmir for hits such as ‘Ride Home’, bagging him the title of ‘Best Folk Song’ at the Indian Independent Music Awards (IIMA).

When he isn’t producing music, Alif teaches songwriting and Urdu poetry at the Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce in Pune.

He is the co-founder of Muzi Club, a company that offers music training services.

He is an accomplished storyteller and works on story concepts and direction for other artists, as well as for himself.

Speaking about his latest release, Alif described ‘Fitna Fitoor’ as a testimonial of existing experiences and that it is a verbalisation of significant social realities.

He said:

“I believe that any medium has the potential to become the purveyor of a meaningful idea or thought.”

“Fitna Fitoor is also a dialogue with the self and the world and is about the search for the light that is within and around but which escapes unnoticed as we thrash around, looking for something nameless.”

Listen to ‘Fitna Fitoor’


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