AAP Leader caught in Bed with ‘Student’ by Wife

A viral video shows the moment a Canada-based AAP leader was caught in bed with a young woman by his wife and teenage daughter.

AAP Leader caught in Bed with 'Student' by Wife f

"What is this? This is really shameful."

A Canada-based AAP leader’s affair was exposed by his wife and teenage daughter, who caught him in bed with a young woman, allegedly a student.

Footage of the confrontation is going viral on social media.

The politician has been identified as Jaswant Singh Atwal, AAP Vancouver Vice-President.

The video has also raised questions as to who the young woman is, with many social media users believing she is a Punjabi woman who is studying in Canada.

From the wife’s point of view, the video begins with her entering the bedroom and questioning him, suspicious about what he is hiding.

She tries to pull down the duvet but Atwal holds onto it.

The wife eventually manages to pull down the duvet, revealing that a young woman is in bed with him.

Meanwhile, Atwal’s teenage daughter is also in the room and was heard asking:

“What the f*** is this?”

As Atwal’s angry wife shouts at him, he continues to lie in bed. Meanwhile, his lover is seen sitting up.

His daughter pulls off the duvet, exposing Atwal, who is wearing just boxers.

Throughout the confrontation, the AAP leader appears groggy, slurring his words.

Atwal’s wife berates the young woman, telling her:

“Aren’t you ashamed to be in a relationship with a much older person?”

Defending her actions, the woman claims Atwal lied to her, telling her that he was not married and lived alone.

According to the young woman, Atwal told her that all of his family members had died.

The wife also told Atwal that she takes care of the household expenses and pays off the house in instalments.

She also criticised her husband for betraying his marital vows and sacrificing his family for the sake of an affair.

The wife tells her daughter to call the police and while the phone rings, Atwal tries to respond but is met with:

“Shut the f*** up!”

When the operator comes on the line, Atwal tries to leave the room, prompting his wife to tell him to sit back down.

The daughter is heard talking to the police department, saying:

“There’s a random girl with my dad in bed.”

As the daughter continues to talk on the phone, the lover says:

“What is this? This is really shameful.”

She goes on to apologise to the wife before calling Atwal a liar.

The woman then asks Atwal: “Tell me, she’s your wife?”

Sitting with his head in his hands, Atwal remains silent.

The video led netizens to criticise the AAP leader for having an affair. But much of the attention was on the lover, who is believed to be an international student.

One said: “This man should be arrested and charged with adultery.

“Girl looks like a teenager, naive and innocent but this man is taking advantage of the girl.”

Others believed the lover was part of a wider issue where international students are turning to prostitution to pay their accommodation rent.

One user said: “These are the regular cases in Canada. Most of the Sikh students who want to pay less rent are doing this. Not only for rent but also for easy income.”

Another commented: “Just see, what Punjabi girl students doing in Canada.

“In the name of study, they are getting involved in sexual activities.”

A third said: “You would be surprised how many female international students sleep around to either find a sugar daddy or do escorting to pay off bills.

“Living in Canada is almost impossible for a lot of the students now.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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