Aamir Liaquat’s ex-wife Tuba Anwar recalls ‘Gold Digger’ remarks

Aamir Liaquat’s ex-wife, Syeda Tuba Anwar, recalled being branded a “gold digger” after rumours of their marriage leaked.

Tuba Anwar recalls 'Gold Digger' remarks f


“When it all started, I was baffled"

Syeda Tuba Anwar, the ex-wife of the late Aamir Liaquat, recalled being labelled a “gold digger” after rumours of their marriage circulated.

In an interview, Tuba Anwar talked openly about her transition from working behind the scenes to assuming a public image following her marriage to the late Aamir Liaquat.

Her marriage caused a backlash on social media, with others calling her a “gold digger” and accusing her of exploiting him for fame.

However, when asked why she never provided answers and remained quiet on the subject online, Tuba said that it was too much for her to take in and handle.

She said: “When it all started, I was baffled and couldn’t make sense of why people were hating me so much.

“I couldn’t process the abuse that I was getting. It became so worse that at one point, I started getting death threats and rape threats.

“Men, women, everyone was just picking on anything and everything.”

Tuba added that the abuse was also committed by “people she was associated with”.

Tuba spoke on her success before marrying Aamir Liaquat, stating that she did not need to use anyone as a “ladder” to success.

She continued: “Everything I am today, I have worked hard for it and I won’t let people tell me otherwise.

“I am educated, young, and hail from a supportive, stable family of intellectuals.

“I don’t need anyone to use as a ladder.

“It’s a disgusting thing to say to someone. If I wasn’t capable or talented enough, then it would’ve been another thing.

“My father made me travel the world with him. I’ve four sisters, we’re all thriving.”

Tuba further disregarded the “gold digger” claims by reflecting on her childhood:

“There was never a lack of money or love growing up.

“I would’ve been a gold digger if I took anything from him when leaving. I took nothing.”

She added that all YouTube videos about her house and cars are simply “clickbait.”

Tuba claimed that if she wanted to marry for money, she had different options. She said:

“If I wanted to marry for money or television, I didn’t have to get married in real life.

“It would’ve happened in other ways too.

“My dignity matters to me and I chose that person at that time.

“When you share food and your life with someone, you have to keep their respect intact. And that’s what I did.

“I never wanted to be consumed with that hate for anyone.”

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