Sunny Leone’s ‘Quotation Gang’ trailer shocks Fans

The trailer for Sunny Leone’s ‘Quotation Gang’ has been released and the gritty violence has shocked viewers.

Sunny Leone's 'Quotation Gang' trailer shocks Fans f

"So happy to see Sunny Leone in a different role"

The trailer for Quotation Gang has shocked fans with his grittiness, with many praising the fact that Sunny Leone is playing a completely different role.

It is a multilingual thriller that also stars Jackie Shroff, Priyamani, and Sara Arjun.

The teaser throws light on contract killers and it presents themes of violence, internal politics and heinous crimes.

Shot across Kashmir, Mumbai and Chennai by cinematographer Arun Bathmanaban, the film has music by Drums Sivamani and KJ Venkataraman has handled the edits.

Directed by Vivek K Kannan, the dark tone features graphic violence and Sunny plays the wife of Jackie Shroff’s crime lord.

The trailer features a tense conversation between Sunny and Jackie as she shaves his beard.

The teaser ends with Sunny committing a violent attack.

Fans have praised the gritty trailer.

One said: “What was this? I am literally shocked. Start to end it was a thriller… got goosebumps… What a combination of actors, the dark script, criminal minds, bloody criminals, just amazing. The trailer is so dark.”

Another agreed: “I think this will become the darkest movie in Indian cinema.

“Just goosebumps I can’t take my eyes off even for a single millisecond.”

Fans were also excited to see Sunny Leone in a different role, with many hoping she can pull it off.

One fan said: “So happy to see Sunny Leone in a different role, thanks for giving her a chance to showcase something new.”

A second wrote: “Man! I really hope Sunny Leone nails this role and keep getting offered such amazing acting roles.

“If she does deliver on all the challenges, she would become a greater inspiration than anyone else.”

Another commented: “I would like to ask the casting director what made him believe Sunny could pull this role?

“She has not done any project like this before, so giving her a role like this is brave.

“I really really hope the character she is playing is meaningful and she nails it.”

One comment read: “Really hope Sunny Leone nails this role and keep getting offered such amazing acting roles.”

Sunny thanked her fans and replied: “Thank you for all the love!”

Sunny Leone's 'Quotation Gang' trailer shocks Fans

Speaking about Quotation Gang, Vivek K Kannan said:

“It is a psychological thriller and a crime suspense movie.

“It does have love, action, and sentiments, but more of betrayal and the darker emotions. It is essentially a dark and gritty film.”

The director said the film does not have a hero or villain but “a lot of characters facing various situations in their own worlds”.

He said the film is inspired by Hussain Zaidi’s Mafia Queens of Mumbai, which was also the inspiration for Gangubai Kathiawadi.

Vivek said: “I had read the book 10 years back and I had the idea behind Quotation Gang for a long time, for seven years.

“The book contained accounts of female dons, which I found interesting, but there were no mentions of any South Indian women in it.

“Later, I came across an article on quotation gangs (contract killers) in Kerala and that sparked the idea for my story.

“I originally wanted to make it as a female-centric film, but eventually, it became a multi-starrer with the current cast.”

Watch the Quotation Gang Trailer


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