10 Best Boozy Christmas Crackers to buy in 2022

DESIblitz presents 10 of the best booze-filled Christmas crackers to add to your shopping list this festive season.

10 Best Boozy Christmas Crackers to buy in 2022 - f

The best way to kick any Christmas party off with a bang!

With the festive season in motion, Christmas crackers and holiday décor is flying off shelves.

Pulling Christmas crackers is a staple tradition for many households.

However, sometimes the goodies inside the crackers don’t always live up to our expectations.

There are only so many plastic fish, cheesy jokes, and keyrings that one can accumulate from festive crackers, which is why many individuals are looking for crackers that offer up more excitement.

This can include ones with an alcoholic twist.

DESIblitz brings you 10 of the best boozy Christmas cracker selections to buy, which will certainly meet your expectations if you are looking for something new and exciting this festive season.

Lakeland Boozy Christmas Crackers

10 Best Boozy Christmas Crackers to buy in 2022 - lakelandIf you’re looking for an assortment of boozy crackers this festive season then the Lakeland Boozy Christmas Crackers may be perfect for you.

The crackers are currently retailing at £39.99 on the Lakeland website and contain a set of six, with each one containing a 50ml miniature alcoholic spirit.

The bottles are all made of plastic, reducing the risk of breakage as no glass is involved.

The actual packaging is made completely out of glitter-free, recyclable card, meaning it is an eco-friendly bargain this Christmas.

Completed with fun and festive tartan designs, these crackers are sure to be the perfect treat to complete or kick off your Christmas meal.

Fever-Tree Crackers

10 Best Boozy Christmas Crackers to buy in 2022 - feverThe Fever-Tree Christmas crackers are perfect for any Fever-Tree tonic fan.

This cracker selection includes a few Fever-Tree favourites that are sure to satisfy the palette either as a post or pre-dinner beverage.

They can either be bought separately from retailers like John Lewis for £8.50 each or there are two options to buy them as sets of four for £34.

One of the two cracker box options solely includes a single Fever-Tree tonic with a select gin, whilst the other option includes an assortment of classic Fever-Tree tonics with rum, gin or vodka.

Black Sheep Brewery Beer Crackers

If gin or spirits aren’t for you, then the Black Sheep Brewery Beer Christmas Crackers might be the ones for you.

Black Sheep Brewery has released special beers with a wide variety of flavoured ales to choose from.

There are nine beer flavours to choose from including pineapple milkshake IPA, black sheep ale, golden sheep ale, choc-orange stout, monty python’s holy grail, milk stout, velo, riggwelter and blitzen.

Whilst these crackers cannot be bought as a set, they can be bought individually for £5.50 each on the Black Sheep Brewery website.

These crackers are a fun and full-sized alternative to traditional alcohol crackers that contain spirit miniatures.

York Gin Crackers

10 Best Boozy Christmas Crackers to buy in 2022 - yorkThe York Gin Christmas Crackers should definitely be on your festive shopping list this year if quality and sustainability are your top priorities.

The crackers each contain a miniature York Gin bottle accompanied by a small Fever-Tree tonic can and a gin-based joke.

They can either be bought as individual crackers for £10 or for £50 you can buy six of the crackers and get one of each York Gin flavour paired with tonics.

Getting these crackers is not only an eco-friendly choice but will also show your support for an independent small business.

Drinks by the Dram Whisky Crackers

The Drinks by the Dram Whisky Crackers are the perfect surprise for the whisky lover in your life.

The whisky cracker selection box includes a set of six crackers, each containing a different 30ml wax-sealed dram of whisky.

The selection of whiskies includes a World Whisky Blend, a Glengoyne 10-Year-Old, Smokehead, Green Isle, an Aerolite Lyndsay 10-Year-Old and a Darkness 8-Year-Old dram.

Not only do you get a varied range of whiskies in this selection but the products themselves are beautifully packaged.

This unique cracker set can be bought for £39.95 from the Drinks by the Dram website or alternatively for the same price from the Master of Malt website.

JJ Whitley Vodka Crackers

If gin isn’t your tipple of choice, why not try these delightful vodka-filled JJ Whitley Vodka Christmas Crackers?

The colourful packaging is sure to please the eye if a pop of colour is what you’re looking for to adorn your dinner table this Christmas.

The JJ Whitley Vodka Cracker selection includes six different 50ml miniature-flavoured vodka bottles.

Flavours in the miniature selection include Vanilla, Raspberry, Watermelon and Lime, Blood Orange, Passionfruit, and the class Artisanal Russian vodka.

Whitney Neill Gin Christmas Crackers

The Whitney Neill Gin Christmas Crackers are perfect for any gin enthusiast.

There are six crackers included within the set, each containing a different flavour of gin.

The cracker selection features some iconic Whitney Neill Gin flavours including parma violet, raspberry, rhubarb and ginger, blood orange, original and pink grapefruit.

The crackers can make for an excellent gift or stocking filler and is the best way to kick any Christmas party off with a bang!

The set can currently be bought at a reduced price of £18.99 from thebottleclub.com or from other retailers like Amazon or the Whitney Neill website itself.


If you’re a coffee fanatic, then the Perkulatte coffee and alcohol-filled Christmas crackers are the crackers for you!

With a varied selection of alcohol miniatures to choose from, the cracker box contains four handcrafted crackers alongside a 20g bag of artisanal ground coffee.

These select coffee crackers can be filled solely with coffee or with the added choice of an alcohol miniature.

The Perkulatte Christmas crackers can either be bought from retailers like notonthehighstreet.com for £22.50 not including the alcoholic beverage choices which can be added for an extra cost.

Gin Bothy Gin Crackers

Spruce up your Christmas table with the Gin Bothy Christmas crackers, another excellent cracker selection for any gin lover.

These crackers can be bought as a set of four either directly from the Gin Bothy website or from notonthehighstreet.com for £33.

Each set includes the full-strength bestsellers Gunshot Gin and Spiced Rum and two of the bestselling gin liqueur Raspberry.

Beautifully boxed and individually wrapped in a recyclable black outer, each cracker contains a 5cl bottle from the award-winning range.

Hotel Chocolat Christmas Crackers

Described as the ultimate grown-up post-dinner treat, the Hotel Chocolat Velvetised Cream Alcohol-filled Christmas crackers certainly live up to their description.

This set of premium Christmas crackers is not only a high-quality product but looks ethereal with its white and silver sparkling packaging.

The set of crackers includes smooth, creamy alcohols with flavours like chocolate, salted caramel, salted caramel and clementine, mint and espresso martini.

They can be bought directly from the Hotel Chocolat website for a price of £24.95 and can even be gifted with a personalised message card.

These crackers will be the most elegant digestif to grace your Christmas table this festive season.

The best Christmas crackers are the ones that will bring your table settings to life, so look no further if lively crackers are your vibe.

These 10 boozy Christmas crackers are fun alternatives to the traditional festive cracker and are sure to bring the party spirits alive.

There is something for everyone within this variety of crackers from the whisky lover to the gin connoisseur.

So, if one of these boozy cracker selections has caught your eye, be sure to buy it now before they fly out of stock. ‘Tis the season after all!

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