Zayn Malik to Act in Boy Band Drama on TV

Zayn Malik is to a launch an acting career with a new show following the journey of a boyband. DESIblitz has more on the story…

Zayn Malik to Act in Boy Band Drama on TV

“Zayn has started talks with his fellow producers about him appearing in a couple of episodes...”

Former One Direction member, Zayn Malik is to star in a show about a boy band and their journey to success.

The 23-year-old heartthrob is set to produce the NBC show called Boys. But, now it seems the former boy bander will have a chance to be in the show.

A source told The Sun: “Zayn has started talks with his fellow producers about him appearing in a couple of episodes of Boys.”

The show follows a fictional boy band. After receiving a record label, they begin the journey of becoming a hit sensation.

Although, it is not a confirmed for Malik to appear on the show. As the source revealed: “The discussions are still ongoing and there is still a chance he may just play himself in the show.

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“Either way he is taking his role as exec producer very seriously and sees this as a big stepping stone to working more on TV and film in the future.”

Dick Wolfe, having previously worked on Law & Order, will work with Malik on the new production.

Malik has previously shown interest in an acting career. He starred in an episode of Nickelodeons iCarly in 2012. Although, this was a relatively short stint, and now he may be on to bigger roles.

Zayn Malik told The Sun:

“I started acting when I was in school with theatre studies and then music came after. It completely stopped when I joined the band but I’d definitely be interested if I was given the right role.”

Himself a former member of one of the world’s biggest boy bands, he is not short of experience. As a source revealed: “It’s a subject he knows a lot about and he will call upon his experiences to advise the scriptwriters on the show.”

Malik quit One Direction in March 2015. Following his exit, he released his first single ‘Pillowtalk.’ The song features his girlfriend Gigi Hadid. It reached number one in 60 countries.

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