Yasir Hussain reveals his Plans for Second Baby

In a guest appearance on ‘Thori Si Masti’, Yasir Hussain was questioned about his potential plans for expanding his family.

Yasir Hussain discusses Violence against Women on Pakistani TV f

"I don’t mind if people ask such questions"

Recently, Yasir Hussain graced Eid shows for Hum TV and on Nadia Khan’s show Thori Si Masti, he opened up about his family life.

He particularly talked about his son, Kabir Hussain, and shared insights into his plans for expanding his family.

He responded to Nadia Khan’s inquiry about societal expectations regarding a second child.

She said that people are very curious about when he and wife Iqra Aziz would be having another child.

Nadia asked directly: “When are you having a second baby?”

Yasir seemed a bit uncomfortable and taken aback by the sudden question.

Naida continued: “People want to know what is happening with you and what are your plans for the future.”

She further pressed: “Do people ask you about this often? Does Iqra get angry at this?”

Yasir expressed his willingness to embrace such inquiries.

He stated: “We are planning to have a second baby soon, In Sha Allah.

“I don’t mind if people ask such questions; they can inquire about anything, which is a positive gesture.

“Although such inquiries aren’t common for us, I won’t harbour any ill feelings towards those who ask.

“In fact, we appreciate the concern people show for us, as it indicates their care and regard for our well-being.”

Some individuals had reservations regarding Nadia’s abrupt approach and candid questioning style.

They expressed a degree of apprehension towards her directness and forthright demeanour during the interview.

A viewer noted: “I think this question was quite inappropriate.

“People may want to keep things private but when you suddenly ask them this on live television, they have no choice but to answer.”

Another added: “It is so weird and shameless to ask a man this question as a woman. So inappropriate.”

One said:

“It is their life, why is Nadia meddling so much? It is so annoying.”

Another wrote: “Nadia is the most insufferable person you can find.”

Others were supportive towards Yasir and Iqra.

One person said: “I think it would be sweet when Kabir has a little sibling to play with.”

Another stated: “Kabir is old enough now, it is a great time to have another child.”

Yasir Hussain’s breakthrough came in 2015 with the feature film Karachi Se Lahore.

Alongside his film ventures, he has made notable appearances in television dramas like Shadi Mubarak Ho and Baandi.

Ayesha is a film and drama student who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible"

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