Why go to a Non-Alcoholic Freshers Event?

Freshers without any booze?! Surprising as it may seem, there is now a great alternative for those students who want all the fun of Freshers, without the alcohol!

Why go to a Non-Alcoholic Freshers Event?

‘Non-Alcoholic Freshers’ events are packed with all the fun, without the booze.

The first thing that comes into most people’s mind when they hear the word, ‘Freshers’, is alcohol!

‘Freshers Week’ has gained a notorious reputation as a time dedicated to booze, clubbing and partying, and sobriety is usually the last thing that comes to mind.

Any event, whether it is a small casual get together in Halls, to large scale events organised by University societies, more often than not, have alcohol as a necessity.

But what about those students who don’t drink, or simply prefer an environment without alcohol, or the strobe lighting and booming music in clubs?

DESIblitz looks at the brilliant new alternative of ‘Non-Alcoholic Freshers’ events which are packed with all the fun, without the booze.

What is Non-Alcoholic Freshers About?

Why go to a Non-Alcohol Freshers Event?

With the first few weeks at University as the pivotal moments for finding friends, and the time which most students look back at as their best memories, every student should have the opportunity to enjoy themselves.

So what should those students do who want to socialise with other students but without the alcohol?

That’s where non-alcoholic Freshers comes in. This new trend supported by some University Societies, is a fantastic alternative for those students who abstain from alcohol, and those who just want to have fun without it!

Who says you need to have alcohol to have fun? Well-organised events, full of diverse activities, and a sober environment means that everyone can actually get to know one another and remember it the day after!

Rather than going to a club, which can be loud and overcrowded, close knit events which are targeted at providing a friendly atmosphere optimises your chance of meeting people with similar interests and hobbies as yourself.

Desi Students and Non-Desi Students

Why go to a Non-Alcohol Freshers Event?

Freshers week can be a difficult time for those Desi students, who don’t drink, to fully involve themselves in Freshers events.

Unfortunately many Desi students can miss out on a lot of socialising events due to the huge presence of alcohol, which many feel uncomfortable with.

Now Desi students don’t have to miss out on the fun. With great events now organised by University Societies, which primarily focus on providing events to suit students’ cultural tastes, everyone can get involved!

However these events are not only for the Desi students at University. The presence of students from various ethnic backgrounds at these events is a pleasant surprise!

International students and even local students from all backgrounds participate in these events, and they too thoroughly enjoy the relaxed atmosphere with the company of students from different cultural backgrounds, without the alcohol.

Case Study ~ University of Birmingham Pakistani Society

Why go to a Non-Alcohol Freshers Event?

University of Birmingham has various societies providing their students with a diverse range of Freshers events to attend.

Their Pakistani Society in particular, have organised a fantastic line up of non-alcoholic Freshers events for 2015 that shouldn’t be missed!

These events provide students with great activities without the environment of alcohol. By doing so, they aim to involve all students from various backgrounds to mingle, make new friends, and most importantly have fun!

Some of their events include a ‘Meet and Greet’ meal at Jimmy Spices, to allow the students to have great conversation and make new friends, whilst tucking into a delicious meal!

Why go to a Non-Alcohol Freshers Event?

Not missing out on any important festive event, they are hosting a ‘Chaand Raat’ party at the University, where the girls can hang out; apply beautiful Mehndi designs on their friends and rock out to some great Desi music.

The boys will have their share of fun at Arabian Nights, where there is the option for bowling, eating some delicious food and desserts, or even just kicking back with some Sheesha.

University of Birmingham’s Pakistani Society have lined up a variety of events throughout the Freshers period, from a ‘Laser Tag and Desserts Night’ to a quirky ‘Chaadar Party’ on the beautiful University campus.

These events are open to all students, and are a great chance for students to make new friends, and more importantly make unforgettable memories at university!

Though there will always be alcohol dominating certain Freshers events, now with the rise of ‘Non-Alcoholic Freshers’ there are fantastic alternatives organised by societies, that all students can get involved in!

Whether you drink or not, the presence of great food, music and activities, means that you are sure to have fun!

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