Vicky Kaushal reacts to Katrina’s Towel Fight Scene in Tiger 3

Vicky Kaushal revealed his thoughts on Katrina Kaif’s towel fight sequence in ‘Tiger 3’ and detailed how he felt after watching it.

Vicky Kaushal reacts to Katrina's Towel Fight Scene in Tiger 3 f

"I don’t want you to beat me up wearing a towel."

Vicky Kaushal shared his reaction to Katrina Kaif’s towel fight sequence in Tiger 3.

Since the announcement of Tiger 3, fans were eager to see Katrina’s stunts and when it was released, they were not disappointed.

But one sequence got a lot of attention.

A fight scene between Katrina’s Zoya and General Zimou (Michelle Lee) set pulses racing because, throughout the sequence, both were wearing just towels.

Vicky has also praised the scene and shared his reaction when he watched Tiger 3 in theatres with his wife.

When asked about the scene, Vicky said that afterwards, he became scared of his wife.

He explained: “So, I had gone for the screening of the film, and we were watching the film.

“Obviously when the sequence came, in the middle of the sequence, I inclined towards her and said, ‘I don’t want to argue with you from now on. I don’t want you to beat me up wearing a towel’.

“I thought it was incredible the way she pulled it off. I told her, ‘You are probably the most amazing action actress Bollywood has’.

“So, I am really proud of the hard work she puts in. It is very inspiring to see her.”

His father Sham Kaushal was also impressed with Katrina’s action sequences in Tiger 3.

Katrina previously said her father-in-law’s feedback was valuable to her as he is a renowned stunt choreographer in the industry.

He said: “Sham ji, my father-in-law, is a very senior action director, so he was the happiest to hear praises for Zoya’s action scenes.

“He said, ‘You have made me very proud. Everyone is saying you do action so well’. So that was special for me.”

Delving into his marriage, Vicky Kaushal opened up about the “red flag” he had to get rid of for his wife.

The actor shared that Katrina’s biggest complaint about him was that he was “too stubborn”.

He told The Indian Express: “The biggest complaint that Katrina has always had is that sometimes I’m too stubborn. That needed a little bit of moderation.”

On the one thing he misses about being single, Vicky replied:

“The Ms is now my Mrs so it’s all good.”

Vicky Kaushal also stated that Akshay Kumar has the best on-screen chemistry with Katrina, citing their 2007 film Namastey London.

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