Vatika UK celebrates ‘Visible Differences’ in new Campaign

Vatika UK has launched a new awareness campaign that celebrates visible differences and the impact they can have on South Asian women.

Vatika UK celebrates Visible Differences in new Campaign - f

"We need to empower individuals"

Continuing to challenge discrimination in the beauty and personal care industry, Vatika UK, has launched its next campaign that celebrates positive body image.

The #BeVisible campaign promotes diversity and inclusion by telling the stories of six women who identify as having a visible, physical difference.

Visible differences can be described as a scar, mark or condition on the face or body that makes an individual look different such as vitiligo and alopecia.

Consistently bothered by wider representation, people strongly feel there is a need for more actors with visible differences to play positive characters rather than being portrayed as victims.

Recognising this, Vatika UK continues to pave the way for positive change and representation.

Deconstructing ‘values’ that the beauty industry has historically perpetuated, Vatika UK’s #BeVisible campaign sets a new benchmark in beauty promotion by advocating the representation of people with visible differences.

Speaking about the #BeVisible campaign, Zakir Mansoori, Business Head UK & Europe, Dabur International says:

“As a Haircare brand for the South Asian community, it is imperative that our campaigns are diverse and inclusive and that they highlight that physical appearance is unique and personal to us all as individuals, celebrating our visible differences.

“Our unique, physical characteristics make us beautiful in our own right.

“We need to unlearn the tropes and ‘standards’ that the global beauty industry has historically equated with what we consider beautiful.

“We need to empower individuals through inclusivity and ensure they identify with and see themselves reflected in beauty campaigns.

“Vatika UK’s #BeVisible campaign is a celebration of all that sets us apart through the beautiful diversity of our visible differences.”

Roshni Singh, Marketing Manager UK & Europe, Dabur International adds:

“Each participant in this campaign is unique in their own way; each is a model and role-model in their own right.

“We want to empower people and instil confidence and connection in them through campaigns that they can identify with and relate to.

“Who says you have to look a certain way to be attractive?”

“These limits and myths have been created by society and are perpetuated by the Beauty & Personal Care Industry.

“Times are changing and we at Vatika UK are honoured to be working on this campaign with such extraordinary and powerful women, demonstrating that beauty lies in diversity and difference.”

Managing Editor Ravinder has a strong passion for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. When she's not assisting the team, editing or writing, you'll find her scrolling through TikTok.

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