Arzutraa’s ‘Woh Pal’ is Soulful and Beautifully Romantic

Arzutraa eturns with her outstanding lead track, ‘Woh Pal’ from her debut album, Love Was My Idea. The romantic number shows off the Brit-Asian singer’s incredibly soulful voice and acoustic sound.

Tripet Garielle Woh Pal

I’m one of the few British Female Asian Singer’s to be working on albums

British Asian singing sensation Arzutraa is back with her exceptional new track, ‘Woh Pal’ from her debut album, Love Was My Idea.

The Hindi and Urdu track is a sweet homage to the love songs of Bollywood and Arzutraa (aka Tripet Garielle) beautifully croons the romantic tune alongside an acoustic guitar.

It is no wonder that Arzutraa is described as the ‘Queen of Melody’ with her ability to transfix listeners with her soulful voice.

Under the watchful eye of Bollywood-renowned producer Atif Ali, Arzutraa has been wholeheartedly developing her unique and melodious sound over the past four years.

In that time, she has welcomed considerable success with songs such as ‘Aa Vee Jaa’, ‘Saathiya’, ‘Kamli’ and her special Valentine’s Day track ‘Kho Jaaoon’.

With so many exceptional songs in her discography already, Arzutraa is edging ever closer to her Bollywood signing dream.

In fact, Arzutraa salutes India’s top playback singers for inspiring her to sing in the first place. She says: “Watching Bollywood from the age of 7 was where the concept of melodies started to haunt me and it hasn’t left me ever since.”

Arzutraa was mesmerised by the likes of Lata Mangeshkar and Shreya Ghoshal, and ‘Woh Pal’ promises to be a perfect tribute to the melodious vocals of these icons.

Arzutraa adds that ‘Woh Pal’ is her favourite from her debut album, and that it will be the lead track:

“I remember when I stepped into the recording booth to record this song I just went into a trance because it took me back to my past life hence the black and white video.”

The video has been produced by Masood and co-directed by Arzutraa herself. Set on the streets of Paris, it is shot in black and white and follows Arzutraa as she reminisces about an epic love story full of colour.

Watch the teaser video of Arzutraa’s new track here:


Aside from creating beautiful music, the Kenyan-origin singer is also highly passionate about women’s causes. In fact, her #GirlPower Project is aimed towards helping girl orphans in Kenya.

In addition to this, Arzutraa hopes to promote self-love with her new beauty brand, that is also set to launch in 2018.

Having completed her debut album in Dubai, Arzutraa has already begun working on her second studio album. She admits that she stands out in the British Asian music scene because of her passion for creating and recording full albums:

“I know for a fact I’m one of the few, if not the only, British female Asian singers to be working on albums whilst everyone else is caught up in the singles era.”

Well, if the track ‘Woh Pal’ is anything to go by, we are certain that Arzutraa’s debut album will be just as captivating.

The stunning new track ‘Woh Pal’ from her debut album, Love Was My Idea, will release on 31st March 2018.

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