Transgender actress Rimal Ali Tortured by ‘Influential’ Man

Pakistani transgender model and actress Rimal Ali has alleged that she was brutally tortured by an “influential” man in Lahore.

Transgender actress Rimal Ali Tortured by 'Influential' Man f

“I am being oppressed daily so I can be prevented from working"

Transgender actress and model Rimal Ali has claimed that she was tortured and harassed by an “influential” man.

She has also alleged that her life is in danger after receiving numerous threats.

Rimal is known for being Pakistan’s first transgender actress. She took to social media and alleged that her hair was cut off, her eyebrows were shaved and her arms were burned with cigarettes.

She stated she was attacked in Lahore and accused Jahanzeb Khan of being responsible.

In the video, Rimal explained that Jahanzeb has been harassing her for a while now. As a result, she was forced to move to different places in Pakistan but her attempts to seek refuge were in vain.

She alleged that she has been physically and mentally tortured by the resident of Attock.

In her video message, Rimal said: “I am being oppressed daily so I can be prevented from working in the showbiz.

“My life is in danger, so if anything happens to me, Jahanzeb should be held accountable.”

Rimal also insisted that she does not intend to damage anyone’s reputation. After being subjected to such a horrific ordeal, she told Jahanzeb to leave her alone now he has done what he wanted to satisfy his manly ego.

In her video, she called for justice.

Watch Rimal Ali’s Video Message


Rimal explained that in 2020, up to 450 transgender people were tortured and killed in Pakistan. She went on to say that this was only the number of registered cases.

Rimal also claimed that Jahanzeb is connected to four murder cases and is currently under investigation.

She has appealed Prime Minister Imran Khan and other politicians to take action against the accused and to provide her with justice.

Rimal Ali also said that if this is what educated and stable transgenders are subjected to then one cannot imagine what poor transgender people are subjected to.

She asked viewers:

“Don’t we deserve to live? We just want to live, let us live.”

“Just let us live when we are nothing, we are thrown out of our houses by our parents.

“When we establish ourselves with our hard work and struggle than the psychopaths of society make it difficult for us to live.”

After revealing her torture, ‘Justice for Rimal Ali’ started trending on social media.

Rimal Ali made her film debut in 2018 with Saat Din Mohabbat In. She has also appeared in several music videos.

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