Sunny Leone cries on Arbaaz Khan’s TV Show ‘Pinch’

As a guest on Arbaaz Khan’s TV show ‘Pinch’, Sunny Leone broke down in tears when Arbaaz asked her a certain question about her past.

"Some have taken it humorously, some have taken it emotionally."

After giving up her porn career in 2012, Sunny Leone, otherwise known as Karenjit Kaur Vohra, decided to make a trip to India to kickstart her career in Bollywood and Tollywood.

With protests and many people questioning her acceptance due to Sunny’s past, to this day, she is still judged for what she did as an adult star versus what and who she is today.

Often she is subjected to social media trolls who still do not want her in India and criticise her for corrupting the Indian youth.

When appearing on Arbaaz Khan’s new television show called ‘Pinch’, Sunny was once again confronted with a stark reminder from the past and was brought face-to-face with the abuse and vile comments she received on her timeline.

When Arbaaz brought a specific comment to her attention, Sunny broke down into profuse tears and could not hold back the hurt she felt due to the comment being so nasty and vile.

Arbaaz revealed during the launch of his show that he had asked Sunny the question which resulted in her very emotional outburst.

He elaborated that the concept of his television show is to discuss the challenges faced by people in this manner.

He said that one purpose of the show is the act as an enabler for guests on his show to discuss how the dark side of social media has affected their personal lives.

Arbaaz said that the questions they have asked celebrities in his show are taken from social media.

Sunny Leone cries on Arbaaz Khan's TV Show 'Pinch' - Tere Intzaar

The pair have come together for this episode of Pinch having worked in the past together in the Bollywood film Tera Intezaar.

Talking about Sunny’s appearance on Pinch, Arbaaz said:

“Everybody has spoken about interesting things about them.

“Sunny Leone has also spilled a lot of beans and she even cried on the show.”

“Like there was certain thing she wanted to answer and you could tell that somebody like her also could get affected and really be emotional about a certain question and about an answer.

“And she spoke beautifully and everybody else has as well. Some have taken it humorously, some have taken it emotionally.

“So there have been all kinds of expressions that you will see in every episode with the celebrities.”

He then said:

“I have not created anything.

“I have spoken about things that are already existing, or in conversation may be in their statements or on their timelines.

“And they have been confronted every single day probably with that.

“Sometimes they have not been vocal about it or spoken about it and sometimes they have not felt the need or got the platform to speak about it.”

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