Singga booked for promoting ‘Obscenity’ & ‘Gun Culture’

Ajnala Police have taken action against Punjabi singer Singga, booking him for glorifying weaponry in his recent song titled ‘Still Alive’.

Singga booked for promoting ‘Obscenity’ & ‘Gun Culture’ - F

Singga holds significant popularity within his audience.

An FIR has been lodged against Punjabi singer Manpreet Singh, recognised by his stage name Singga, stemming from his 2022 song ‘Still Alive’.

Multiple media outlets report that Singga is being accused of propagating obscenity and ‘glorifying’ a gun-oriented culture through his musical endeavours.

Sources indicate that Kapurthala Police has identified five individuals, including Singga, who have been named under Sections 294 and 120B of the Indian Penal Code.

This action was initiated following a formal complaint lodged by the head of the Bhimrao Yuva Force.

The complainant contends that Singga has “misdirected the youth of Punjab by promoting weaponry in his musical compositions.”

Furthermore, allegations have surfaced that the song in question is replete with ‘indecency and obscenity’ accompanied by ‘objectionable’ language.

As of yet, the artist has not publicly addressed the controversy.

In 2021, Singga got into trouble with the law when the Mohali Police accused him of firing gunshots in the air outside a housing complex in Sector 70.

This incident became widely known after multiple videos were shared on social media.

They showed Singga sitting next to his friend, who could be seen firing in the air while driving a car in Mohali.

While Singga belongs to Hoshiarpur, his friend was identified as Jagpreet Singh of Sangrur.

The Punjabi singer was able to get anticipatory bail from the sessions court.

Boasting a substantial fan base of over 4.2 million on Instagram, Singga holds significant popularity within his audience.

His social media presence frequently features snapshots and videos from his performances, designed to engage and captivate his supporters.

Singga’s artistic portfolio also boasts notable Punjabi tracks such as ‘Teri Load Ve’, ‘Badnam’, ‘Brotherhood’, ‘Sheh’, ‘Shadow’, and ‘Jatt Di Clip 2’.

Beyond his musical pursuits, he has also ventured into acting, contributing to films like Blackia, Jora: The Second Chapter, Kade Haan Kade Naa, Mining: Reyte te Kabza, Sayonee, and others.

This issue has attracted a lot of media focus, and people are waiting to see what decision will be made about the song.

Policymakers and others in the industry are likely keeping a close eye on this situation.

It could influence how similar situations are handled in the future.

Meanwhile, the Punjab government is taking strong steps against the glorification of gun culture.

They have given clear instructions to the Punjab Police about this.

In the past, there have been cases where Punjabi singers and lyricists faced legal action for promoting weapons in their songs.

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