Sehar Shinwari will ‘Marry Zimbabwean Man’ if they Beat India

Pakistani actress Sehar Shinwari has vowed to “marry a Zimbabwean guy” if the national team defeats India in the T20 World Cup.

Sehar Shinwari will 'Marry Zimbabwean Man' if they Beat India f


"I'll marry a Zimbabwean guy if their team miraculously beats India"

Pakistani actress Sehar Shinwari has claimed that she will “marry a Zimbabwean” man if the cricket team beats India in the T20 World Cup.

She made the bizarre vow on Twitter.

During India’s match against Bangladesh, Sehar was constantly tweeting and wishing that India lose the match.

She has now taken to Twitter, writing:

“I’ll marry a Zimbabwean guy if their team miraculously beats India in next match.”

The Pakistani actress’ tweet went viral and netizens reacted to her promise.

However, a lot of people took the opportunity to troll her.

One user commented: “Last time you said, you will quit Twitter, if Bangladesh loses to India.

“Cheap publicity stunt. Tum Pakistanis ke bash ka kuch nehin hai. You all are liars and fake.”

Another user wrote: “Nowadays neighbours are earning their bread and butter like this. For the sake of money, they are selling their own country and religion.”

One person pointed out that Sehar tweeted a very similar tweet earlier in September 2022. She wrote:

“If Sri Lanka wins today I’ll marry a Sri Lankan guy.”

One Twitter user reminded Sehar of her previous tweet:

“Some Sri Lankan guy is still waiting. Marry him at least. Or anything for the likes and RTs?”

A user told her to extend her marriage promise to Nigerian men, writing:

“On behalf of Zimbabwe guys, we say no. Try Nigerian guys.”

Meanwhile, Pakistan lost to Zimbabwe during the tournament.

With the ongoing rivalry between cricket fans of India and Pakistan, the former Pakistani actress wants Zimbabwe to beat India.

After learning about the tweet going viral online, the social media sensation took to Twitter again to let her followers know that she has received interest from the Indian television and film industry.

She wrote: “I have been receiving messages from many Indian film and tv producers on my Instagram account since my tweet went viral in India.”

But Sehar was clear to set the record straight about a possible career in television again. She further said:

“Thanks to all of them for approaching me, But I apologise because I have left the TV industry in 2020. So far I have no intention to get back to it.”

Zimbabwe is confirmed to face India in its last group match of the T20 World Cup on November 6, 2022, in Melbourne, Australia.

Ilsa is a digital marketeer and journalist. Her interests include politics, literature, religion and football. Her motto is “Give people their flowers whilst they’re still around to smell them.”

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