Sanya Malhotra says Sex is ‘Definitely a Taboo’ Subject

While promoting her new Audible series ‘Sasural Wonder Phool’, Sanya Malhotra spoke about the taboo of sex in India.

Sanya Malhotra says sex is “definitely a taboo” subject - F

"It's a complete shocker for her."

Actress Sanya Malhotra spoke about India’s taboo of sex, however, she feels things are gradually changing.

With the help of cinema and other platforms, Sanya agreed that taboo subjects such as sex are beginning to be discussed more openly.

Sanya stars in the show Sasural Wonder Phool on Audible.

Sanya features in the show alongside Varun Sharma.

Sasural Wonder Phool is a romantic comedy audio series, in which Sanya’s character Ashima weds a sex therapist (Varun), who runs a sex clinic with his family.

Speaking about the subject of sex, Sanya said:

“Definitely a taboo.

“But with films, with cinema, with other platforms I think things are changing, and according to me, I think, I believe that there is a demand for such stories that’s the reason the creators are willing to create shows like Sasural Wonder Phool.”

The Dangal actress added:

“I’m hoping with this show and we are able to change a few things maybe inspire people to be more comfortable when they’re talking about sex or sex-related issues.

“I honestly feel that my character in Sasural Wonder Phool, which is Ashima, reflects our society wonderfully, you know she’s a prude, she’s not so comfortable talking about sex.

“And when she gets to know that her in-laws and her husband run a sex clinic, it’s a complete shocker for her.”

Sanya also said: “But then, obviously, it’s also a learning experience for her that it’s so natural, it’s so natural to talk about it too.

“So I hope that the audience connects to her and her journey from not being so comfortable talking about sex to maybe okay, or…whether she’s the same, whether she changes or not.”

Sasural Wonder Phool is a unique show as it is audio-only. This is the first time Sanya is a part of an audio storytelling project.


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Speaking about the experience, Sanya said:

“I love performing! No matter what the platform or the medium is.”

She revealed that Sasural Wonder Phool was recorded in 2020 during the pandemic and at the time, she was really “missing, acting and being on set and performing”.

“So, when I got the offer and when I got to know that it’s with Varun Sharma, I could not say no to it.

“I really admire Varun too for his acting skills and his comedy timing and it was very exciting to know that I will be working with him on this one.

“So definitely an experiment, but I’m so glad that I did it.”

“It was a great learning experience because it’s very similar to acting.”

Alongside the biographical sports film Dangal, Sanya also starred in the comedy-drama Badhaai Ho.

Sanya Malhotra will next be seen in the romantic-comedy film Meenakshi Sundareshwar.

Directed by Vivek Soni, the film will be released digitally on Netflix on November 5, 2021.

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