Saba Hameed highlights Father’s Influence on her Life

Veteran star Saba Hameed reminisced about her childhood and detailed the influence her father had on her life.

Saba Hameed highlights Father's Influence on her Life f

Saba replied there was a big market for comedy

Veteran actress Saba Hameed reminisced about her childhood and spoke of the impact her father, Hameed Akhtar, had on her life.

Saba revealed that her father held feminist views at a time when men and women had different societal roles.

She shared that her father had never differentiated between his son and daughters and because of this Saba grew up thinking men and women were equals.

Saba also spoke about her directorial project Jaise Apki Marzi, admitting that she enjoys directing more than acting.

She went on to say that she chose the project because she wanted to portray a true depiction of real life via the serial so that people could connect Aleezay and Sherry’s situation.

Saba went on to say that she felt her most famous role was as Sumbal in the 1990s comedy drama Family Front.

Maliha Rehman questioned if she enjoyed doing comedy dramas to which Saba replied there was a big market for comedy in Pakistan, but unfortunately, they were not directed and produced properly.

The conversation turned to marriage and Saba shared her thoughts on the topic.

Maliha asked if Saba felt that marriage was difficult for an actor, due to the difficult shoot timings and extensive travelling.

Saba said marriage was difficult regardless of an acting career or not, but it depended on the person’s spouse and how they received their career.

Saba said her children Meesha and Faris Shafi were very talented singers.

Maliha asked Saba which one of her daughter’s songs was her favourite.

Saba said it was difficult to decide because she felt all her songs were good, but if she had to choose she would opt for ‘Dasht-e-Tanhai’ and ‘Boom Boom’.

Speaking about her 10-year plan, Saba Hameed told Maliha that if she was still alive in 10 years, she would love to continue directing.

The interview was well received and fans called Saba the epitome of grace.

One fan said: “Saba is a definite class! She is so graceful and well-spoken, I LOVE her acting big time!

“She’s one of the finest indeed. She was brilliant in Dastaan with Fawad Khan, a fine piece of art.”

Another viewer wrote: “Love and respect for Saba and the host. What a calm vibe. I would love to see Saba in web series on Netflix and Amazon Prime.”

Saba Hameed has been in the showbiz industry since 1978 and has appeared in highly popular dramas such as Uraan, Ranjish, Mann Mayal, Prem Gali and Mere Humsafar.

She is married to fellow actor Waseem Abbas, who she has also acted with.

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