Why did Saba Azad change Her Name?

Saba Azad has revealed why she changed her original surname of Grewal. She also spoke of her family’s reaction to her fame.

Why did Saba Azad change Her Name f

"I liked the sound of it and the meaning of course."

Saba Azad was born Saba Grewal and she revealed why she decided to change her name.

Speaking to Hindustan Times, Saba revealed she modelled her stage name on her grandmother’s pen name.

Saba explained that she “adopted it with permission” from her grandmother.

She said: “The name on my passport is Saba Grewal – my father is of Sikh origin and my mother of Muslim, but neither practised religion nor imposed their opinions upon me. They are atheists.

“Azad was my nani’s pen name. I liked the sound of it and the meaning of course. The want for freedom is the most human instinct.

“So (with her permission) I adopted it as my stage name.”

In addition to acting, Saba has three other careers.

“I am a musician, I have a band of my own, I am a playback singer and a voice-over artist.

“I briefly ran and owned a bar and restaurant in Bengaluru.

“I hope to direct and make films of my own one day.”

On how her family reacts to her fame, Saba said:

“My family is more interested in things like sincerity, hard work and independence.

“Fame isn’t exactly viewed as any kind of virtue back home. It’s safe to say they would be unaffected either way.”

Describing herself as a “curious, permanently-amused, strong-willed, mildly-gifted, independent animal”, Saba recalled her early years.

“I’m from Delhi, I come from a family of academics and artists, we had a very normal middle-class upbringing with a lot of cultural exposure.

“Theatre, cinema, dance, and music were a big part of my growing years.”

In terms of acting, Saba says she is getting roles she enjoys.

“I waited a long time to get the kind of roles that require me to apply myself.

“I am thankful for the kind of projects coming my way in the last three years… I just completed an independent film called Minimum (directed by Rumana Molla), Rocket Boys season 2 is on its way, and I’m shooting another indie in Srinagar as we speak.”

But when it comes to her most satisfying role, Saba revealed:

“It’s a monologue by Ismat Chughtai that I did with Motley Productions for the opening of Prithvi Festival 2019.

“I got to play multiple characters and it has been my most satisfying acting experience to date.”

Saba Azad believes that if you love what you do and know how to balance work and life, you can thrive in the fast-paced entertainment industry.

She added: “I have enjoyed being a part of the indie music scene and I have had my fair share of acceptance as an actor.

“I feel lucky to be able to balance multiple careers and enjoy them all equally. Getting paid to do what you love is a blessing.”

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