Indian Woman mimics Alia Bhatt’s Brahmastra Role

An Indian woman has gone viral for mimicking Isha, Alia Bhatt’s character in ‘Brahmastra’, leaving viewers laughing.

Brahmastra Character f

"Hahaha, you missed Shivaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

An Indian woman has left social media users in fits of laughter after she posted a video of herself poking fun at Alia Bhatt’s Brahmastra character Isha.

Brahmastra was released on September 9, 2022, and it has been a box office success although reviews are mixed.

One of the biggest talking points is Alia Bhatt’s role as Isha, with many stating that the actress’ talents were wasted.

Those who have watched Brahmastra have pointed out Alia’s lack of dialogue in the film and when she does speak, it usually involves shouting Shiva’s (Ranbir Kapoor) name.

While many viewers are annoyed by the character of Isha, a woman named Chandni has poked fun at the role.

Chandni is a mimic artist with over 141,000 Instagram followers.

She frequently posts videos of herself impersonating celebrities and now, she has made fun of Alia’s role as Isha.

In the video, Chandni recreates Alia’s dialogue from the film, which frequently involves her calling out Shiva.

Chandni captioned the video: “Isha is your switch.”

The caption was in reference to Isha being called Shiva’s ‘button’ to activate his powers in the film.

The video received over 208,000 likes and Chandni’s impression had netizens laughing.


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Some said they will watch Brahmastra so they can see Alia’s poorly written dialogue for themselves.

One said: “I need to see the movie now.”

Another person wrote: “Now I have to watch this movie.”

One amused social media user said: “Hahaha, you missed Shivaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

Another commented: “I was waiting for your creation even more than the movie.”

Netizens praised Chandni for her accurate impression of Isha, with one person saying:

“Best in the business.”

Since Brahmastra‘s release, there has been a lot of criticism towards the character, stating that Isha exists just to enable Shiva’s origins.

But many have been mocking Alia’s overwhelmingly Shiva-related dialogue.

One person said: “Gonna watch Brahmastra again just to count how many times Alia Bhatt screamed Shiva.”

Another wrote:

“My friend is so bored, he’s counting the number of times Alia Bhatt says Shiva.”

One user came up with a new drinking game, writing:

“Drink every time Alia Bhatt says Shiva in Brahmastra.”

Some compared the role of Isha to Marvel’s Groot, the tree-like superhero who is known for saying one phrase: “I am Groot.”

One netizen said: “Alia Bhatt is basically Groot of the Astraverse cause she has only said one word, Shiva, in the whole movie.”

Criticising the weak dialogue, one person said:

“My only problem with Brahmastra is the dialogue writing.

“It assumes that viewers have no brains. So everything is explained with amateurish dialogues.

“There is no setup. And Alia Bhatt’s character has no depth. A few hours after meeting Shiva she has decided to dedicate herself.”

Another agreed: “Looks like an intern has written dialogues.”

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