Rabia Khan: ‘the Person who Killed Jiah has Killed Sushant’

Rabia Khan, the mother of the late Jiah Khan, has claimed that Sushant Singh Rajput was killed by the same people who murdered her daughter.

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"From where did she get this money?" 

The mother of the late actress Jiah Khan, Rabia Khan has linked Sushant Singh Rajput’s death and his ex-manager Disha Salian’s death with the untimely demise of her daughter. 

Rabia Khan has also worked in a handful of Bollywood films in the 80s. These include Arrested (1985), Karamyudh (1985) and Locket (1986) to name a few. 

Rabia Khan drew similarities from the three unfortunate suicide deaths. She believes Sushant, Disha and her daughter Jiah fell victim to serial killing. 

She stated that Sushant’s and Disha’s deaths in June 2020 were murders. 

Rabia alleged that influential people from Bollywood and politics had a hand in their deaths. 

Rabia’s daughter Jiah tragically committed suicide in her flat in Juhu at the young age of 25 on June 3, 2013. 

According to an interaction with IANS, Rabia claimed that her daughter was used by her boyfriend, actor Sooraj Pancholi

‘’The person who killed Jiah has killed Sushant. My child’s boyfriend used her for her money. 

‘’He controlled Jiah. Rhea was also doing the same. From where did she get this money? 

‘’If it came from Sushant, we know that (it is possible) since he was doing films, endorsements and advertisements. 

‘’If not, from where did all the money come from? Was she into drug trafficking? 

‘’Was she into narcotics? Was she friends with drug peddlers?’’ 

Rabia Khan further added that although Rhea Chakraborty is at the centre of the investigation, someone else is behind the actor’s death. She explained: 

‘’Rhea is not as shrewd as she is projected to be. Whoever is conducting the whole affair is responsible for the serial murders in view of the similarities in the Jiah and Sushant cases.’’ 

Rabia Khan once again claimed that:

“The person who killed Jiah killed Sushant too.’’ 

Rabia further added that her daughter was ‘’brave’’ and that was the reason she was in Bollywood. 

She also cited that Jiah worked alongside superstars in Bollywood like Amitabh Bachchan in Nishabd (2007) and Aamir Khan in Ghajini (2008). 

In June 2020, Rabia Khan also condemned actor Salman Khan for sabotaging her daughter’s death case. She said:

“What happened with Sushant has reminded me of 2015 when I went to meet CBI officer who had called me down from London.

“He said, ‘please come, we have found some incriminating evidence.’

“I land up over there and he says, ‘Oh, by the way, Salman Khan calls me every day and says he has invested a lot of money, please don’t harass the boy, please don’t interrogate him, don’t touch him.

“So what can we do madam?’ He was annoyed, he looked frustrated.”

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